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Here I go!

If you are a quilter, I don’t have to explain the name of my blog.  We are always buried in scraps!  My goal is to put those scraps to good use by putting them into quilts!  And after they become quilt tops, I don’t want them to join the ever-growing pile of the sad little orphans awaiting completion in my sewing room/fabric scrap heap.  I want to improve my machine quilting skills both free motion and on the frame and in the process give back by donating some of them to groups who need them.

My first purpose of this blog is to take part in the Wednesday Quilt-Along.  By sharing my progress, I hope to grow in my skills.  Since I came late to the party, I need to play catch up.  Below, you can see what I don’t want my feathers to look like!  I think I have a way to go!

So, practice begins tomorrow!  Little quilt “sammies” are ready to go.

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