Decide what to be and go be it.

Shut up and quilt!

That’s a great sentiment!  Today, I did just that.  I’m playing catch up with Leah Days’ Wednesday Quilt-Along.  I’m almost there!

I find this statement works for alot of things.  So many times I complain about wanting to do things and just never do them.  Waste time sitting on the couch doing nothing.  So, I’m hoping to adopt this as my mantra this year.  Shut up and__________.  Fill in the blank.  Do the FMQ challenge, finish UFOs, make the charity quilts and pillow cases, read the book I’ve been wanting to start since November, catch up on the kids’ scrapbook pages, back up my photos, organize my sewing room….you get the picture!

Here’s a quilt top that I just finished piecing Sunday.  I’ve had the kit for several years.  It’s 32” square (4 inch blocks) and my favorite fabrics!  I have an idea of how I want to quilt it but I’m waiting to practice some more.  I promise it won’t be relegated to the Island of the Lost Toys Quilt Tops.  This baby will be finished!!!

I love this little quilt!

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One thought on “Shut up and quilt!

  1. mewilbanks on said:

    I love this quilt! So happy you joined the Quilt Along.

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