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I’d just like to let those in the Quilt Along that I’ve tried to post on many blogs and couldn’t.  Apparently, the planets aren’t aligned correctly…it certainly couldn’t be operator error!  I’m a blogging rookie and hope to have it figured out soon.  But please know that I’ve looked at everyone’s work and I’m impressed!  We’re a pretty talented bunch of quilters!

I pieced together a table runner today to use for Week 6.  I think I’m tired of practice squares.  I want to see a finished product for my efforts.  I have some beautiful Valdani (?) thread that I plan to use.  If it looks good, I may donate it to our quilt guild’s silent auction or boutique.

Ialso dug up an applique wallhanging that I plan to use for practice.  I think it will be good for practicing stitching and stippling around shapes.

This weekend, I plan to shut up and quilt.  How about you?

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