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Has anyone done this?

I’ve sewn puckers and pleats in the back of my quilt.  I’ve sewn the excess backing fabric to the back of my quilt.  I’ve sewn my gloves to the front of my quilt. I’ve sewn my finger….ouch!!   But this is the first time I’ve ever sewn my “slider” to the back of the quilt.  Funny thing is….I didn’t notice it until I ran out of bobbin thread.  It honestly didn’t drag.  It truly “slid”.  You can see that my straight lines were pretty straight!

I decided that maybe today wasn’t the day to practice fmq.  🙂 Think I’ll piece some blocks for my charity quilt.  That should be fairly safe.

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One thought on “Has anyone done this?

  1. Nice straight line for sure. More important, it doesn’t look like any big damage or tears to your slider. I got some of those. =(

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