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Next generation quilter

My eight year old granddaughter is a quilter.  She’s been sewing for over a year.  She’s been working on her first quilt for about the same length of time now.  Because, although she has a lot of skill, she also has the attention span of an eight year old.  So her quilt top is slow going.  I work with that because I don’t want to push her and have her lose interest.

Yesterday, she pieced together one row of blocks for her quilt.  In between letting me know that she wanted to do “swirly” things (meaning quilting on the frame) and her desire for the two of us to open a shop where we sell quilts (she has the bell already so we’ll know when someone comes through the door), she decided that she would make Grandpa a pillow.  So, she went to her stash and picked out the fabrics (she has an eye for color) and whipped up this pillow for him.

Just thought I’d share what the next generation at my house is doing!

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2 thoughts on “Next generation quilter

  1. She is unbelievable. Let her know Aunt Mary loves it! And, that I am happy to see my shared fabrics put to good use and what quality work she does. Love it!

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