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Stippling in the real world

Up until now, I’ve done my stippling for the Quilt-Along on little quilt “sammies”.  Now the challenge is to see how to make all of that work in the real world…on a real quilt.  It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be.  I put together a table runner made from some cast-off blocks.  I actually liked it and I thought I might donate it to our guild’s silent auction in the fall.  I’m second guessing that idea now!

On the blocks, I tried straight lines once again.  And, once again…not real straight!  And, of course, this block didn’t lend itself to quilting without traveling.  So, once again, I had to wander.  I think I may need a GPS on my machine before this is over!  I just couldn’t find a way to quilt it without starting, stopping or traveling. The blocks don’t look horrible, but they don’t look great, either.  Practice…practice…practice

Here’s a close-up of the stippling on the sashing.  I will admit to being happy with this.  This is the size stippling I’m comfortable with.  I was able to quilt all of it without stopping.  I just had to take a look at the big picture before I started the sashing journey.  I’m pleased with this part.

Here’s the border.  I really don’t like wide stippling, but it was part of the lesson so I did it.  There may be a time when that’s what works best and I want to be prepared for it.  However, I think that the stippling looks a lot like little ghosts.  So, I’m ready for Halloween if nothing else.  “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

And, here is the finished product.  I’m thinking I may keep it cuz I really like the thing!  It’s too wide for my hutch top, but I’ll audition it on other tables.  I think I can find it a home.

To quote my grandkids, “I’m not a big fan” of quilt-as-you-go.  Tried it…really didn’t like it.  But I’ll try Leah’s technique because I want to learn.  No knowledge is ever wasted.  Maybe not ever used again  :-)…but not wasted.  And as long as I’m learning, I’m going to pin-baste an applique wall hanging that managed to find its way to top of the UFO pile.  Never pin-basted so this will be an adventure.  Quilting and stippling around applique will be another adventure all together!  I’m feeling like Indiana Jones this week!

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5 thoughts on “Stippling in the real world

  1. I think it looks good. I would keep it. LOL

    I am also not a big fan of “quilt as you go”. I have tried it and I am not interested in doing it again, at all. So, I am content to continue on with my daily practices of stippling, feathers and other little fmq designs. =)

    Hopefully, next week will have something to hold my interest. Besides, I never save my practice samples. My room would be over-floweth with them LOL

  2. Love your table runner – and I like your “ghosts”! I’ve never tried quilt as you go, so am following Leah’s instructions, but my practice pieces are a very varied selection, and it’s going to be a very weird piece!

    • I’ve done the quilt as you go once and didn’t care for it. But I’ll give it another go with my practice pieces. Mine are different sizes also. But, they aren’t blocks so I’ll just cut them to the same size and go from there. I’ll give it a whirl!

  3. Love your stippling on your gold border! I could never aquire the movement for it, and or the patience to sit down and do it.

    as far as, quilt as you go, did it once – – that’s enough for me!!

    I love your pics and comments on each of your pieces. Sure wish I could learn to do that. I find it so difficult to even send pic attachments with an email. I can scan pics in but can’t seem to get it tog. to send them on.

    • Karen….you could stipple! I know you can. Maybe we can have a workshop this summer. It’s not as hard as you think. Go to the Free Motion Quilt project link on this blog and just watch some of Leah’s videos. Of course, you enjoy hand quilting and your hand quilting is awesome!!!

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