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Sewing room dump and Sunday sewing…

Last week,  I was reading blogs and came across one where someone was doing a sewing room “dump”.   So, I decided that was a good idea.  I decided that I would do a sewing room/studio/haven/cave/paradise…whatever I call it that day…dump.  I was going to go in there and with wild abandon, get rid of “stuff”!  And, boy, is there “stuff”  to get rid of!  Or so I thought.

I started with some Rubbermaid bins.  I dumped some polyester quilt batts that I no longer like to use.  Bye, bye batts!  Then I moved on to the drawers that hold notions.  Dumped a slash cutter (never doing the chenille thing again!), some thin, fusible black bias tape (never doing the stained glass thing again!),  some suction cup thingies that were supposed to hold my rulers in place while I cut that didn’t….things like that.  Moved on to thread.  That was not so easy.  Even though my serger is gathering dust, I might just need that thread.  I managed to say adios to some yellow thread.  On the same note as the serger, I moved on to the pile of fabric on top of the bins that was supposed to be the cutest little clothes for my grandkids.  Ha!  They are now 8 years old.  I don’t think the size 5 patterns will fit anymore.  Dump…

Then I moved on to the closet.  The dreaded closet.  I knew what was lurking in there….all of those UFOs.  The poor little projects that seemed like such a good idea at the time…the kits that I just couldn’t leave at the quilt show…the siren song of the patterns and fat quarter bundles that couldn’t be resisted…the gifts that were never made.  How could I possibly dump  them?  Truth is…I really couldn’t.  At least, not enough to make a dent or to make room for next month’s additions.  I pulled out bag after bag of beautiful fabrics and patterns…all wonderfully coordinated.  Some were even fortunate enough to have been started….scissors to fabric and some with actual stitches!  How could I dump these friends?  Again…truth is, I couldn’t.  A few made their way to the box for our guild’s resale shop where I imagine they will someday join the ranks of someone else’s UFOs.  One man’s trash…..

So, basically, my attempted dump resulted in just a reorganization of UFOs.  I know I’m weak, but that’s OK…I’ve been reunited with some old friends. This afternoon, I plan to renew old friendships.

I truly think there’s something to be said for Quilting ADD.


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2 thoughts on “Sewing room dump and Sunday sewing…

  1. Funny. It is exactly what I am doing today. Cleaning up and cleaning out. I still don’t have the organization I am lookin for. Fortunate for me I was able to let go of many UFO’s. And I have been making my way to completion for many of the ones I kept. I have decided to tackle one each month after my huge commitment to knock as much out as possible in my February clean up month.

    BTW…any of those UFO gifts mine? Just saying…lol

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