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Of leaves and feathers…

Day off work today so I decided to try the SewCalGirl challenge.  Made up my little quilt “sammies”, opened the iPad and watched the January video.  Her leaves were beautiful.  I tried my hand.  My leaves were actually pretty good…until I turned it over.  Definitely needed a tension adjustment.  Adjusted the tension and sewed more leaves and it looked pretty on both sides.

With my confidence soaring, I moved on to the February tutorial.  Just a bit more involved!  But, hey, I can quilt leaves.  I can quilt feathers.  So I quilted feathers.  At least they were supposed to be feathers.  I have no idea what they really are!  But I know I’ve never seen a bird with feathers like these!  Tried it again with basically the same result.  This is going to take a whole lot more practice!  I wondered if there was an easier way.  I decided that for today, the easier way was to wait until another day.  Some days I don’t deal well with frustration.  Today is one of them.

I threw in the gloves.

I decided to stitch blocks for my charity quilt.  I’m a third of the way finished.  I think I can knock out a bunch of them today.  Today will be a lazy sewing day.

I won’t think about feathers today…I’ll think about them tomorrow…or the day after…or the day after that……….


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