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Quilt as you go…and a cool picture

Quilt as you go has never been one of my favorite techniques.  I’ve tried it in the past and wasn’t very happy with the results.  But I thought I’d give Leah’s tutorial a try.  Her way is much easier and neater than anything I’ve tried in the past.  Her tutorial is very clear and I’m glad I tried it….but I still don’t see myself doing much of it!  Sorry, Leah!  🙂

This week I began a beginner’s photography course.  Our homework was to shoot in aperture priority.  So, I went out into the drab, gray wasteland that is our backyard this time of year and tried to find something that was worth photographing…not an easy task at the dreary end of winter.  But I came across the fir tree that my son bought for a buck when he was about four and planted in the corner of the yard.  (If I had known it would actually grow to tower over the garage, I would have planted it in a more prominent spot!)  But I looked at the branch and saw the little water droplets and decided that was the shot I was looking for.  So, I’m sharing that with you today.   And from time to time, I may share others.  Enjoy!  One day closer to spring………

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