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The Novice Pin Baster…a fairy tale

Once upon a time, there lived a quilter who didn’t pin baste.  All of her quilting friends pin basted, but this stubborn quilter refused to learn.  Her friends pleaded and her sister sent her a magic wand to help with the pins.  But the stubborn little quilter said “No!”.  One day, in a moment of weakness, she decided to give those little pins a try.  The first problem she had was with the masking tape she used to tape the backing to the floor.  Try as she might, she could not get that tape to come off the roll in one piece!  But this did not deter the stubborn quilter.  No, this was personal now!  She tried and tried and finally was able to tape the backing to the floor…with a pile of tape shreds on the floor next to her.  Then she laid out the batting nice and smoothly on top of the backing.  The quilt top was lovingly placed atop the batting.

Then the little quilter got down on her hands and knees and began to pin.  It soon became obvious that the little quilter’s knees were not as young as they once were and she feared she may never get back up from the floor.  The handsome prince brought her a cup of tea but she was afraid if she got off the floor to drink it, she may never find the will to get back down again.  Perhaps, the prince should have brought a glass of wine.

The pinning soon began.  After a few chips of the manicure, the quilter thought there must be a better way!  Oh yes!  The magic wand that her sister had sent her.  She picked it up. How in the realm did this crazy thing work?  After some experimentation, she figured it out.  At least it worked for her…and that’s what’s important.  After the pins were in place, the little quilter realized that her quilt top was so very smooth.  But what about the back?  After removing the tape, she turned the quilt over and lo!  There were no wrinkles!  The sun shone brightly and the birds sang.  All was right with the world…and her quilt.  The little quilter learned to not be afraid of change.

The little quilter is also hoping that the quilting is as easy as the basting!

Here is the wrinkle-free back of the royal quilt.

Here is the nice, smooth pin basted front of the royal quilt.


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3 thoughts on “The Novice Pin Baster…a fairy tale

  1. mewilbanks on said:

    Yay! I pin mine on my cutting table. Maybe I will try using the floor. It looks good from here. It’s a handy little tool. It saves some pain. lol

  2. Sorry if this posts twice or three times…..I’m having ‘comment’ problems this morning!

    Anyway…..what a fun blog post to wake up to! You make me laugh – and so I’ve just spent the last…oh, 10 minutes or so….reading all your posts. Good luck on the quilting and the photography and I’m putting you in my reader.

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