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Libby Lehman can sleep tonight!

First of all, I have to say that I love Libby Lehman.  I love the way her quilts look.  I love the colors and threads and movement.  I have worn out her Threadplay book by just looking at it.  I saw one of her quilts at a Bernina display at a quilt show and was awestruck.  Seriously.  I aspired to quilt like Libby.

It was that book that made me love thread.  Or maybe I should say, it made me love buying thread.  When my husband and I went on vacation, we always found a quilt shop and I always found decorative thread.  And I always bought it.  Lots of it.  I bought unusual colors and variegated threads and metallic threads and threads with sheen.  I bought it all…because maybe I couldn’t find it at home and then I’d wish I’d had it.  Trouble was, when I got it home, it just joined the other spools held captive in my little thread bin.  Oh, once in a while, I’d get them out and look at them…admire their beauty and texture.  But they rarely made it to the sewing machine.  On that rare occasion when one of them actually saw the spindle on my machine, it usually ended in disaster.  I didn’t understand the relationship between thread, tension and needle size.  So, I decided that I’d learn a little bit about how to make the thread work for you.  OK…my sister decided I should learn.  She gave me the Thread Therapy CD from Superior Threads for Christmas.  Lots of information on that little disc.  Then I signed up some mini lessons.

The first lesson was on bobbin work.  We received a spool of Razzle Dazzle thread.  It’s very cool!  Nice and shiny and glittery and…thick.  I had to loosen the tension so much on my alternate bobbin case that I thought it was going to fall apart!  But…it worked!!  Looked good on the practice piece.  So on to the coaster I was supposed to make.  My first mistake was that I wasn’t thinking backwards.  Since it’s bobbin work, the back is the front and the front is the back.  So I started out by stitching on the wrong side.  Not a big deal but something to definitely remember next time!   I think I should have used a longer stitch length to show off the thread a little bit more.

Here’s a close up the design so you can see how pretty the thread is.

So, then I decided to put a simple border on the coaster.  I decided to just use a zig-zag stitch.  Of course, I used too small of a stitch and it looks pretty crowded.  Not real pleased with this finished project.  Looks pretty cheesy…

So I started to think that there had to be a way to make it look better.  Unsewing was not an option.  So I thought and thought and came up with this solution.

Looks pretty good now, doesn’t it!  So, this was my first foray into bobbin work.  I don’t think Libby Lehman has to worry about any competition from me!  At least not yet…..


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One thought on “Libby Lehman can sleep tonight!

  1. mewilbanks on said:

    Luv it!

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