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Takin’ a break

Ah…it’s Wednesday.  And if it’s Wednesday, I should have something to post for the FMQ Quilt-Along.  I’m hanging my head.  I got nothin’.  I started my applique quilt on Saturday and didn’t get very far…life got in the way.  And it got in the way again on Sunday and Monday … and I think you get the picture.  I’m hoping for time to finish this weekend but it’s not looking good.  The grandkids will be here and I just can’t concentrate with the X-box in the background and the pummeling of each other in the name of brotherly love.  🙂  But wait!  My granddaughter gave up fighting with her brother for Lent….except on Thursday.  So the weekend looks conflict-free!  Why Thursdays?  Beats me…guess we can only expect so much restraint from an eight year old with an eight year old brother.

Today I received the backing fabric for my Civil War tribute quilt.  So, once I finish sewing the blocks together, it can be quilted.  I’m really anxious to see it completed.  Saturday, my granddaughter and I are going to a program at the library.  A woman is bringing her collection of Civil War quilts for display.  Since Civil War quilts are my quilting passion,  I’m really excited to see them.  I tried to convince my husband to go but he expressed little interest so Stella asked to go along.  It’ll cost me lunch, but we should have a fun afternoon.

And, just to prove that I do occasionally finish something, here is my Stars Around the Garden finished this summer.   This picture reminds me that we’re one day closer to summer……………….

I’ve had two photography classes to date.  In each one of them the instructor recommended a 50mm lens.  I’ve wanted one for a while but could never really justify buying it.  But “Teacher said I needed it” so I ordered one.  It should be delivered on Friday and I’m expecting that it will revolutionize my photos.  I can’t decide if I want to be the next Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes.  All I truly want is to get good pictures of the grandkids.

Although I’m learning alot in these classes, I still know next to nothing.  The sweet thing is that my husband knows less than me.  So I can drop all kinds of terminology into the conversation and look pretty smart!  “I wanted the 1.2 but it was just too expensive so I ordered the 1.8”.   Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be smart!

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2 thoughts on “Takin’ a break

  1. karen wiater on said:

    i’m at Jen’s and we are lol over your blog!! Enjoyed the read! Love the quilt its beautiful and enjoy your lunch on Saturday and keep us posted!!

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