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A cautionary tale…of sorts

Haste makes waste.  I’ve been cautioned about that my entire life.  Sometimes I adhere to that advice…sometimes I don’t.  How I wish I had this time!  Last Wednesday, I didn’t finish my stippling project for the Quilt Along.  So I was determined that it would be ready this week.

This project was going to be good!  If you recall, I tried my hand at pin-basting this time.  It actually worked pretty well.  My biggest complaint was having to stop too often to remove pins.  But, I digress…   I’ve had this quilt top for many years.  I’m sure if you take a good look at the fabrics, you could date the quilt.  I think some of them are bordering on vintage.  But this would be my project…lots of straight lines and shapes to quilt around.  And lots of room to stipple.  Have I mentioned yet that I’m on stippling overload?  I know practice makes perfect but my quilting ADD is kicking in!  I dream about curvy lines.

From the time I sat down at my machine and put needle to fabric, if something could go wrong, it did.  I first quilted the straight lines.  Going sideways was great but going up and down was not.  it finally occurred to me that when I was trying to FMQ the up and down lines, I was waiting for the machine to do the work…feed it through with the feed dogs.  When I wrapped my brain around that realization, the lines looked much better.  On to quilting around the appliques.  These were hand appliqued and let’s just be kind and say that I’m not really an “appliquer”.   I would be moving along at a pretty good clip and then I would be spinning my wheels.  I caught the toe of the foot under the applique….more than once.  More than twice.  Let’s say lots of times.

Then stippling away I began to hate this quilt.  I was tired of looking at it.  I thought about making it a Level 3 UFO…almost completed, but not quite.  But, no!  I was going to finish this by Wednesday!  I had plans to do a double viney thing for the borders but by the time I got there, all I wanted was closure.  So I did a leaf design and it went well.  I was in the groove and the leaves looked great!  Until I thought I was finished.  Something didn’t look right.  Oh yeah…I don’t think you’re supposed to stitch the excess backing fabric to the back of the quilt.  Oops.

So, I’m thinking what’s the easiest way to fix this.  I was certainly not going to take out all of those stitches.  So, I’m looking at it and I decide to cut the fabric away.  HIndsight is always 20/20.  Not a good idea.  It worked for most of it but not where I had the big, fat fold that I somehow missed seeing when I made the initial determination.  OK….in too deep now.  Just trimmed where I could and slapped on the binding.  We won’t even talk about the binding.

I bring it upstairs and tell my husband that it’s going in the trash.  I have enough pictures to prove I actually stippled a whole quilt.  And I was just so ready to get that bad boy out of my life.  Well…he likes it.  “No one will see the back when it’s hanging” he tells me.  No one but me.  I know the shame that’s hidden back there.  I can hear the little bunny on the front saying “Haste makes waste, Doc.”  I’m thinking that maybe I might hang it in my sewing room to remind me to get up and walk away.  Know when to say when…

Here’s the finished product.

And a close-up…

And should you not learn from my mistakes, these little babies are wonderful for pulling out little bits of fabric and threads.

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