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My English teacher would be proud….

I haven’t given a book report since I was probably in the sixth grade…more years ago than I care to remember or admit…but here goes.

I first heard of this Civil War quilt book while reading blogs.  It really grabbed my interest, but since I was in a frugal mood at the time, I sighed and moved on.  I happened to mention it to my husband a few days later and he said  “You should buy it.”  So, being the dutiful and obedient wife that I am not, I ordered it from Amazon before he could change his mind…or sober up.  🙂

It arrived on Wednesday.  For the price, I was expecting a good quality softcover book.  Imagine my surprise when I emptied the box and found this beautifully bound hardcover book!  If you can only have one book about Civil War quilting, this may be the one.  There is a history of quilting during the Civil War, inspiring stories and photos of people who lived through the war and pictures of war era quilts.  I think my favorite part is the section on reproduction fabrics explaining colors, print styles and dyes used in that period.  All with wonderful examples of the fabrics.

My husband has always said he’d like to own a genuine Civil War era quilt.  But since our first born is too old to garner much on the “first born child for a quilt” market, I’m going to have to settle for making reproductions.  Fortunately, a large section of the book is dedicated to  reproducing antique quilts complete with photos, directions and patterns.

Even if you never make a quilt from this book, it’s really awesome eye candy for those of us who love the Civil War reproductions.

Check it out…..Civil War Quilts by PamWeeks and Don Beld.

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8 thoughts on “My English teacher would be proud….

  1. basildonkitchens on said:

    I’m drooling – I love reproduction quilts and fabric. I am almost finished one that I purchased while visiting Charleston, SC. It is called “Stars over Fort Sumter” and will be posted as soon as I finish the binding… I am also going to enter it in our local quilt show to be held in July – keep your fingers crossed……

    I’d love to see what you come up with from this book! 🙂

    • Reproduction fabrics are my passion! I’m working on the Barbara Brackman Civil War Tribute quilt. I have all of the blocks pieced and stitched into rows. The goal for today is to get the rows stitched together and maybe get the border added. It’s a lofty goal!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up…..I’ll forward your suggestion to a friend of mine who is a repro-NUT!

    When we were in the South last year, in keeping with the history portion of our trip, I picked up a fat quarter bundle (or two) of civil war reproductions. I can’t wait to dip into them.

  3. I’ve always loved modern quilting, but I keep finding myself drawn to reproduction fabrics and more historically based quilts. This sounds like a great book!

  4. Thanks for visiting Jittery. How did you find me? Lovely looking stitches here!! I love working with needle and thread!

    • I did a WordPress search for lowfat cooking and there you were! Am definitely trying that recipe soon. Glad you stopped by to visit…come back any time!

      • That’s so interesting. I don’t remember writing much about low fat cooking, although I do think it’s a good plan. I love the interconnectivity of this blogging business. Thanks for finding me and for commenting!

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