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The alien threat…

I think I have enough UFOs to rival Roswell, New Mexico.  In fact, I’ve been considering renaming my sewing room Area 51.

My projects didn’t begin as UFOs.  I’m sure no one begins a project with no intention of finishing.  But somehow, many of them enter UFO limbo…some never again to see the light of day…or the light of the sewing machine.  My projects rarely become relegated to the closet because I don’t like them.  I genuinely love most of them.  I will admit with some guilt that if I don’t like something I’ll get it out of my life…give it away or throw it away.  That can be very liberating.  Life’s too short to make quilts I don’t like.  But, nope, I love most of them.

So, how do they become relegated to the UFO (Later Tater) heap? I think it’s because I love the process.  I love the planning, the cutting, the sewing, the quilting.  OK…so I don’t like the entire process….I don’t like the binding.  But my mind is always wandering to whatever aspect of the process I’m not doing.  If I’m piecing, I want to quilt.  If I’m quilting, I want to piece. (I never want to bind, however.)  I can be piecing a block and out of the corner of my eye I see a little stack of fabric on the cutting table and I start to imagine baskets or stars.  (I’m so easily distracted…like a cat playing with a beam of light.)  And there is the birth of another UFO.

Here are just a few of the projects with which I have difficulty making eye contact…mostly due to guilt.  Guilt is powerful!!

Here is the Fons and Porter quilt that my sister and I did as a challenge.  She won.  She always wins.  This needs borders…just borders.  I have the fabric.  I swear sometimes when I walk past it I can hear the border fabric begging to be attached.  I pretend I don’t hear it.

Ah…the hand embroidered basket quilt for MiniQuilter’s bed.  There is some hope for this one.  This is nicknamed my baseball quilt.  I have a problem sitting and I need something to do so I stitch the flowers while I’m watching the game.  Unfortunately, the season ended way too early.  I still have four baskets to embroider.  If you look closely, you can probably see the tear stains from every time the relief pitcher blew a one run lead in the bottom of the ninth.  But it’s spring once again and hope springs eternal…for the team and the quilt.

The fan quilt project.  This poor guy has yet to see scissors or needle.  It dates back to my “I love oriental fabrics” days.  Even though I’m drawn more to darker, more mutes tones now, I still love orientals.  So, there is the potential for completion here.  As you can see, I have everything I need–even down to the the beautiful, glittery purple thread for quilting.  Because as we all know, you never know when you’ll be working on the project at 3:00AM and need the thread and the darn shop is closed!

I don’t even want to try to find the bag that houses the turquoise and brown fabrics from our trip to Tucson.  And the afternoon spent in a multitude of bead shops looking for just the right beads for the project. (My husband is a saint.)  Trouble is, I just can’t remember what that project was to be.

Completed tops with no quilting?  Those don’t count.  Or should I say, too many to count.  Quilting is the biggest obstacle for me.  I really don’t like hand quilting and I’m still trying to learn free motion quilting.  I know….practice, practice, practice.  I have a nice frame for machine quilting and when My Juki decides to play nice with the thread, I can do a pretty darn good job there.  However, my Juki is a whole other post!!!!!!

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