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Saturday was National Quilting Day.  What did you do to celebrate?  Sadly, I didn’t do much.  The intention was there.  The heart was willing…but life got in the way…again.  Darn!  That happens a lot.  I was determined to do a little something to acknowledge the day.  So I sewed two rows on to my Civil War Tribute quilt. I had hoped to add all of the rows, but there was a baby shower in the afternoon.  I only hope I don’t have to wait until next March to complete it!   When I returned from the shower I tried to convince MiniQuilter to sew since it was a quilter’s holiday.  But she would have rather played outside.  Imagine that….she’d rather play outside than sew.  In that aspect, she certainly isn’t her grandma’s girl!  🙂

We’ve been having some very unseasonable weather these past days and it has allowed us to have the windows wide open to let that wonderful warm breeze inside.  MiniQuilter and her brother spent the night and were lying on the floor watching the Adventures of TinTin when Brother said he was cold and wanted a blanket.  I covered him with a quilt (what else!).  He said “Grandma, this is my favorite quilt.”   Funny thing…it’s my favorite also.  I was a little bit surprised to hear he had a favorite quilt.  The two of them have grown up with quilts.  (They’re eight.)  Quilts have always been a part of their lives.   They think everyone has them in their home.  I just assumed quilts were the norm for them.  Silly Grandma!  They noticed…they paid attention!

I’m not sure why my grandson loves this quilt, but I know why I do.  It’s scrappy and I love scrappy.  I love planned quilts, too.  But not like I love scrappies.  I’ve made my share of planned quilts and I love coordinating the fabrics and threads…another reason why I have so many UFOs.  To me, planned quilts say “Look at me!” and they are beautiful to look at.  But scrappies say “Use me…snuggle up…let me keep you warm.”

I love making scrappies because I can have all my favorite fabrics at my fingertips.  When I look at that quilt I can see the familiar “faces” of old friends–projects and fat quarters that followed me home.  Scrap quilts warm the body and the heart.  Guess that’s why I love them.  They love you back.

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17 thoughts on “Scrappies

  1. Sybil on said:

    Beautiful quilt, Candy! And how cool is that grandson for noticing and having a favorite?

    I love scrappy quilts the best also. The more fabrics in a quilt – the better I like it. Come to think of it…..it’s been a long long time since I’ve started a quilt with less than 40-50 fabrics in it. My Japanese taupe that I started last week has about a 100 different fabrics and my Klimt inspired quilt is starting with about 75.

  2. I so feel the same way about scrap quilts! They warm both body and soul, reflecting the heart of the quilter who brought it to life. Sometimes I get way too caught up in all the beautiful fabrics in the LQS and focus on “planned” quilts. They have a place, of course, but I have so much joy in going the “stash buster” route lately and considering the size of my stash, I may not live long enough to use it all up!LOL! Hugs……

  3. Candy,

    That quilt is to die for!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my post. I am happy to have discovered your blog. Love the scrappy quilt. I agree, they are meant for cuddling.

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I agree with your grandson — that is a wonderful quilt

  7. I love scrappy quilts best too, and that one is so beautiful! I also love your writing style – I’ve read a lot of your posts, and I enjoy the various ways you approach topics, and your clarity. Reading your blog is like a little quilting retreat.

  8. semiorganizedchaos on said:

    i like it too! i love scrappy quilts, but i tend to make more planned ones. i’m not sure my brain is wired to do scrappy without some sort of plan, LOL! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • I still have to have some sort of organiztion. Can’t have the same color next to each other…that kind of thing. My sister took a class where you threw the scraps in a bag and went with whatever you pulled out…regardless. I KNOW that would drive me crazy!! 🙂

  9. bluepanelgirl on said:

    Scrappies are my favorite too! They are so much more forgiving and approachable. They always seem to carry the love and commitment of the other quilts with them!

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