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Rollin’ in the dough

Wednesday was the new installment of Leah’s quilt along.  I have to admit that it made me a little bit nervous.  After all, a whole cloth quilt doesn’t give you many places to hide mistakes.  And goodness know, I make my share of them!  The task for the week was to transfer the pattern to the fabric.  How difficult could that be?  Somewhere in my little brain, I must have thought it was very difficult because I continued to procrastinate.

I finally decided that it was time.  I chose some very yellow solid.  If I was going to screw up, everybody was going to see it…for sure!  Then I thought that on the off chance the quilting actually turned out well, the little quilt needed a frame.  So I added a border.  I printed the pattern pieces and taped them together.  It was time to transfer the design to the fabric.  I had a light box that I used for card making and I soon realized that the little peanut light box was not going to do the trick.  Upstairs to the back door window with the masking tape.  Taped it up and began to trace.  Being pretty darn short, my arms certainly got tired tracing the top portion of the quilt…but it’s done.  And here’s the proof!

I know Leah recommended that we use a thread color close to the fabric color, but look what I found in my thread  treasure box! Being a bit of a rebel (child of the 60s!), I have to use it for the motifs…it just matches too perfectly not to try!  I know I’ll have to be extra careful so it doesn’t look a  mess.  I’ll use the muted tone for the mini stippling.  I’d better use it because the trip to the quilt shop to buy that lonely little spool of thread ended up costing $32!

You saw Maddie in the first picture.  Maddie is a special doll that my sister made for me.  She’s named after my Grandma whom my sister and I both adored!  Maddie is a petty cool doll because she represents a pretty cool memory for us.  My Grandma made mostaccioli cookies every Christmas.   If you’ve never had one, you need to find a way to try one!  They are wonderful chocolate, cinnamon and nut cookies made in the shape of a mostaccioli noodle.    I decided to make them one year.  What an adventure!  You make the dough and roll out little “ropes” and cut them into about 1 1/2 inch pieces.  Not too difficult…the only problem is the recipe makes a bottomless bowl of cookie dough and 36 hours later…with no sleep…you’re still rolling out ropes.  Except now, instead of looking like pasta, they look like logs!  When my sister got married, she was foolish enough to try it herself.  Didn’t learn from my experience….same result, though.  She’s made them many times.  I’ve made them once.  My momma didn’t raise a fool!  So, here’s Maddie complete with her bags of flour and sugar and our favorite recipe!

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