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Time waits for no man….

…or quilter for that matter!  I look at books, I read blogs and everyone seems to be so much more productive than I am.  While others stitch, I dream of stitching.  While they quilt, I wish I could.  Today, I was reading Kathleen Tracy’s blog post at The Sentimental Quilter about a Civil War basket doll quilt.  Such a sweet little quilt.  The members of her Yahoo group are making this quilt for the March challenge.  I want to make it so badly.  I have everything I need…fabric, book, pressing bars for the basket handles.  Oh yeah…I don’t have time.  (Insert heavy sigh here.)

Oh poor me!  I don’t have time.  BooHoo!  But wait a minute!  Don’t we all have the same 24 hours every day?  I believe so.  So, why can “they” find time to sew and all I can do is find time to feel sorry for myself?  Oh wait!  Could it be the find time part of the equation?  Hmmmm…

So what’s the problem here?  First roadblock…work, job.  Necessary evil…no job, no fabric.  Oh, other people have jobs, too?  And they accomplish things?  My work day ends at 3:15.  There is plenty of time in the afternoon to sew if I choose.

Second hurdle…the grandkids are over a few afternoons a week.  Seriously, I cannot sew with two eight year olds wreaking havoc and well…just being eight year olds.  Sometimes, MiniQuilter wants to sew and we lock ourselves in my sewing palace.  But she gets to sew and I don’t.  No biggie, really.  I love teaching her and watching her skills grow.

Third obstacle…the husband.  For whatever reason, when he’s home I sometimes feel as though I should sit with him.  Trust me, he’s old enough to take care of himself and does a fine job of it!  Sitting with him means watching the weather channel.  Yeah, you heard me right…the weather channel.  Of all the men in the world, I have to fall for the weather channel junkie.  Does he insist that I sit with him?  Nope…never.  In fact, he tells me to go sew and he’ll make dinner.  As I’ve said before…he’s a saint!  I’m guessing I can’t blame him.

Which really only leaves me with one choice.  Yikes!  Could it be me?  Myself?  Moi?  Could I be….LAZY??  Sad to say…probably so.  I’m given this gift of time…24 hours each day… and I’m handing it back asking “Can I get this in a larger size?”  There is no larger size…24 hours fits all.  So, like Cinderella’s evil stepsister, I’m going to try to put my foot in the glass slipper.  But unlike the evil stepsister, my foot’s gonna fit!

Think I’ll go pull some fabric for that Civil War Basket quilt that’s calling my name!

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