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Itty bitty baskets…

I’ve been on a tear to finish up projects.  I just got so tired of going into the palace and seeing those unfinished projects wistfully looking at me and begging to be finished.  I ignored them as long as I could.  I finally decided ENOUGH!  So, I’m now going to finish one project before I can start another.  There is no way that I can promise to finish up all UFOs before I begin another.  I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to do that!  But I’ve made a start.

First up is my little Civil War baskets quilt.  I’m not sure it counts as a UFO because I began it just last week.  But, heck!  It didn’t end up on the Later Tater heap!  I cheated a little bit.  I used my walking foot.  Shhhh……….don’t tell.  🙂    I can see where doing straight lines in fmq would be beneficial sometimes.  But in this case I was doing a lot of stitching in the ditch.  The walking foot is there to make our quilting life easier.  Why not take advantage?  I did fmq around the baskets and the little handles.  It was funny…I had a problem going around each handle in the same place.  I think I hit a blind spot when I was quilting.  I quilted in a little scallop in the borders and did the border Leah’s way.  Corners were much  nicer this time.  One thing you’ll notice that is missing….stippling.  I’ve been on stippling overload lately…seeing stippling in my sleep.  It was so nice to quilt straight lines for a change!

These little baskets finish up at 4 inches.  It’s a pattern taken from the book Remembering Adelia by Kathleen Tracy.  My husband bought this book for me a few years ago when we were in a quilt shop in New York.  He was thumbing through it and found that Adelia lived very near where we live.  It was an interesting read even if you never make a quilt from the book.  I find it interesting to read diaries from the Civil War era to see how people lived in that time.

Here’s a close up of one of the blocks.  I love this cheddar color!  It adds a little bit of a  color punch while still keeping with the feel of the era.  You can see the scallop quilting in the border.

And you can also see that it’s more than finished…it’s displayed!!!

Having finished that, I decided to move on to my Midnight Stroll quilt.  My sister and I went to a national quilt show in Chicago about five years ago (or maybe longer) and saw this quilt.   We had to make it!  The vendor had one kit left.  I was nice and let my sister buy it.  Then the search was on for another kit somewhere in the HUGE merchant’s mall.  We found one right before we were to leave.  I clutched it close to me all the way home.  And then didn’t look at it again for at least a year.  Of course my sister’s was pieced, quilted and hung on the wall before I even started.  (Sometimes, I think one of us is adopted.  🙂 )  But I finally got mine pieced, appliqued and assembled…and added to the heap.  I had this fear of quilting it.  I had of fear of quilting anything…I didn’t want to mess it up.  Anyway, I pulled that quilt from the pile.  I had the backing and thread (of course) but I didn’t have a quilt batt big enough.  Sigh….

So, I unearthed another top.  I had an idea how I wanted to quilt it so I began to mark it.  An hour or so later, I  so proudly took it downstairs to pin baste it and guess what!!  The batting I was going to use was not big enough.  Said a few swear words and made some blocks for my veteran’s charity quilt.  You know tomorrow I’ll be out buying batting!!!


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13 thoughts on “Itty bitty baskets…

  1. Ah, yes….sometimes the “alignment” just isn’t in our favor, so Plan A becomes B,C,D,,,,,,,,, How many times I have said that remaining flexable is such a great talent to have, but “bending over backwards” takes practice!!LOL! Your little baskets are so wonderful! I am definitely going to do a little basket ‘stash buster’ quilt!!!!! Hugs, D

  2. I love the baskets!! So cute – and cozy looking too. Looks like one I’d like to squeeze. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind comment! I love little quilts. I can actually finish them!! And I can make more of them without getting bored as I sometimes do with a bed quilt.

  3. I started posting my current works in progress over at Freshly Pieced on WIP Wednesday. You just post about your WIP and link over to Lee’s blog. I find it helps me to stay motivated on working on my UFOs so I have something to write about every Wednesday. I am getting more projects finished that way. Just a thought! The basket quilt is darling. Congratulations on getting it finished!

  4. I Love those colours! Well done for finishing, it always feels so good. Stand back and admire 🙂 Avis x

    • Repros are my favorite fabrics. I basically work with them exclusively. But I’ve been thinking about brancing out a little bit for a change of pace.

  5. basildonkitchens on said:

    Good job! Love the colors – it is sooo cute!

  6. I love your baskets – and isn’t cheddar just one of the most lovely colors for those oldy-worldy quilts? My girlfriend in SD, who is a repro-fabric queen does amazing things with that color.

    How do you mark your quilts, Candy?

    • I hate marking quilts! I thought with fmq I might not have to but I’m not very good at free form. So, I used a white marking pencil and the edge of a sherbet glass for the scallop design.
      I just marked a quilt yesterday. It had a dark border so it was impossible to see through it. I traced the border design onto cards to k, cut around it and marked it with the white pencil.
      Probably pretty primitive but it worked. As I said, marking is not be best skill!

  7. Absolutely darling!

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