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He’s the best!

In my post Warning! about running out of room in my sewing palace, pearlygirl03 posted this link to plans for a cutting table.  My husband agreed that it was do-able.  I was hoping it was do-able in this lifetime…he works sloooowly.  (Maybe that’s where MiniQuilter gets it!)  We were discussing it this morning before I went to work.  I thought that rather than a plywood top, a laminate countertop would be better.  Probably pricier…but better.  I came home from work today and there was piece of laminate cut to size and finished on all edges!  It was even blue!!  He is absolutely the best!  Fortunately, he doesn’t read this blog so he won’t get the big head because I went on about him.  🙂  Too bad we can’t get to Ikea before next weekend.  Darn!!!

I was quilting on my Gettysburg Sun quilt this afternoon and decided to quit.  I could not fmq a straight line to save my life!  I was trying to stitch in the ditch.  Let’s just say that if I were driving a car, I’d be sitting in jail right now.  Those lines were just weaving all over the place.  Thought I should quit while I was ahead.  Decided not to sew any more tonight.  When I get everything set up for fmq, I hate to undo it.  Pretty lazy, huh!  I want to watch the hockey game anyway!

To keep things interesting, here’s a sneak peek at Gettysburg Sun…without any quilting.  🙂  Before I ran into the ditch!!

Update:   Looks like I’m having some issues with the photo I inserted.  Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t.  I took the easy way out to edit it and I think it wasn’t such a good idea!  I’ll fix it…I promise!  And…does anyone know why sometimes I can insert a smiley and sometimes I can’t?

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15 thoughts on “He’s the best!

  1. pearlygirly03 on said:

    Awesome! Let me know how you like it and post pics after you get it done! *I am kinda jealous :P* One day, I will get things set up just like I like it. For now, my sewing space is shared with the washer and dryer. It’s all good though;) And, glad I could help with ideas!!!

  2. basildonkitchens on said:

    Pictures – we want pictures! …you lucky girl! 😉

  3. Your quilt is simply amazing! Your work has such an antique/traditional vibe to it….I can just see them being used in covered wagons and in rustic log homes.

    And how cool about the hubster bringing home just what you needed?

    Oh Ikea…..how I love you, how I love you…..the closest one to me is about 3 1/2 hours away. I’m hoping for a stop there sometime this winter when we go see The Daughter.

    • Sometimes I look at your rust and think…hmmmm…maybe on one of these repros. But I just can’t bring myself to do it! Maybe I’ll piece soemthing simple this summer and try it. I think these fabrics would lend themselves nicely to the technique.
      Oh, the hubster is cool for sure. I just don’t want it to go to his head!
      I’ve never been to Ikea. So this will be a first for us. It’s about 40 minutes from our house. My son loves the place. But as you can probably tell from my quilts, the furniture there is really not “me”. But I’ve takena shine that Expedit line. I see bookshelves in my future!

  4. I love the Gettysberg Sun quilt – is that the name of the block – or did you invent it. Best way of showcasing those fabrics that i’ve seen.

  5. I’m excited for you! The new table will be awesome! What a wonderful Hubby to surprise you like that!

    Lovin’ the Gettysburg Sun!

  6. I love your quilts. This one is gorgeous. Ann

  7. I love that quilt! I didn’t know you had so many gorgeous UFO’s. 🙂

    Miss Salon Girl is going to IKEA next Sunday. I’m tagging along for the ride.

    • Oh yeah! I got lots of UFOs! This is the one I stopped quilting on. The lines were nasty! But I know that today they won’t look so bad. It’s funny, but our mistakes look better the next day and a lot better once the project is finished.

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