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At long last…

…I can sew again!

Last week I was jolted into action when my sewing cabinet was delivered days before it was even scheduled to ship.  It was a very long weekend of cleaning, tossing, assembling and reorganizing.  I’m not sure what was my least favorite.  I can say that the tossing was the hardest.  After all this time I’ve developed a relationship with my “stuff”.  But all things must end, so toss I did.  Fabric, patterns, threads, software–seriously, who has a floppy drive any more?  It was amazing to me that I could haul out so many bags and boxes of “stuff” and still have “stuff” left over!  Where in the world had I been putting it?

My husband assembled the cabinet in two days with little difficulty.  Ran into a few missing parts but Kangaroo Kabinets mailed them out immediately and sent along a cute little tote for my trouble.  Great…more stuff!!

Saturday morning was the trek to Ikea.  What a cool store!  My first time in an Ikea but not my last, I’m sure!  By late Saturday afternoon, my husband had the cutting table assembled and I could begin to bring things back into the room.

Here’s the biggest lesson learned!  My focus was on the cabinet.  Where would it fit the best?  Would there be an issue if it were completely opened up?  All of those measurements were taken before (know where I’m going with this?) we built the cutting table.  It’s not as wide as the table I had been using (good) but deeper than said table (bad).  The sewing cabinet doesn’t reeeeeaaaally fit with the quilting leaf opened up in the back.  Thanks goodness both pieces are on casters..  So with a minor bad word or two and a little maneuvering, I can make it work.  That was close.  Moral of the story….measure, measure, measure!

My husband installed a shelf for my stereo and another above the computer for my pictures.  Add a mini fridge and I may never have to leave!  My little kangaroo, Pockets, has a home near my machine.  Cute little guy has his ears on backwards!  MiniQuilter wants to know how he can talk on the phone.  Wow!  Is she a child of the times or what!

Sunday began the great migration back to the room.  The grands were over and MiniQuilter decided to “help”.  I told her she could have a little cubbie in the cabinet for her “stuff”.   Believe me–she crammed a lot in a little space!  She’s certainly Grandma’s girl!

In the past, I left my ironing board up all of the time.  (Couldn’t see the top of it half of the time!)  Without the ironing board in there, I have so much breathing space!  I’m almost giddy–I could dance in there if I wanted to dance. Ooooo…that’s not a pretty picture!  🙂  The euphoria didn’t last long.  Enter my husband with the darn ironing board.  Right now, it’s folded up behind the door and I’m using a folded towel on the cutting table to press seams.  I figure if we need to iron a shirt (does anyone really do that anymore?), we can set it up and take it down…My question to you:  What do you use in your sewing space to press seams?

Enjoy my little slideshow of the “after”.  You’ve seen the before here!  I’m going to go sew….finally!

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