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Catching up…

I had such a busy weekend–stove shopping (old one bit the dust), grandkids on Saturday night, Mother’s Day and a wedding on Sunday–it left little time to sew.

My plan was to sew for most of the day…MiniQuilter had other ideas.  Last week, she convinced Grandpa that she and her brother should make Mother’s Day breakfast for me.  She sent him to the store for berries and flowers and all kinds of good things.  She’s very good at spending someone else’s money and she’s only eight!  What a bright future she has!  🙂  It wasn’t a bad idea until the stove decided to croak.  Darn burners wouldn’t shut off.  Of course, my husband was going to shut them off one way or another.  Took the pliers to them and, of course, broke off the stem and the rest is history.  Managed to shut off the gas completely.  The stove was old so a new one was in our immediate future.

What to do about my “surprise” breakfast?  Sausage and eggs on the grill!  I had to stay in bed and pretend to be asleep until breakfast was on the table…not an easy feat for a woman of a certain age…if you know what I mean!  🙂  But it was worth it to listen to Grandpa (who has little patience with anyone else in the kitchen) try to cook with two eight year old mini-chefs!  At last I was allowed to awaken for the feast.  Food was good and the company exceptional.  Had to watch a few dance routines to some Beatle songs.  I guess you can see where my sewing time went.  But I’d gladly give it up for those memories.  I’m just sad that the battery in my video camera wasn’t charged so there were no incriminating images of the dance routines to use at a later date…like prom night or something!  heh  heh  heh…..

Then waiting for the stove to be delivered.  Believe that–delivered on a Sunday.  While waiting for its arrival, I went down into the palace and thought I’d practice fmq.  I knew I had some “sammies” ready to go.  Do you think I could find them?  Heck no!  Since I revamped  the place, I can’t find anything!  Searched for about a half an hour and found them right in front of my nose.  By then, it was time to get ready for the wedding and I sewed zero stitches.  😦

But here’s the plan for this week,  I finished piecing this charity quilt and I want to put it on my frame.  I want to see if my research into needle, bobbin and thread combinations will help my persnickety Juki play nice with my frame.

I have this fat quarter bundle that I’d like to put into a small quilt.  When I bought them, they spoke to me.  They have since become mute.  Or I’ve gone deaf!  Either way, we’re not communicating!  I’ll keep poking around for a project.

And my little “sammies”—I vow to practice “zippling” and get back on track with Leah’s project!

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19 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day even if you didn’t get to sew!

  2. You crack me up! I love reading your blog!

  3. Hysterical!!!! Can so relate to the ‘stove thing’….. mine decided to go whacko last spring (flip on to high broil without warning…….I believe it had to do with a thunderstorm during the night last June and a lightening strike that shook the house and lit up lights!!!!! Printed circuit boards do NOT like that kind of energy!!!). My weekend could be classified as “comatose” compared to yours! I am sure that your fabric is still calling you…..just on a different channel! Beautiful pieces! …..hugs,

    • A different channel…I think it’s one of those obscure cable channels that you don’t know you get until you’re flipping through every channel to find something to watch!

  4. Bwahahaha… I’m sure they’re mute! Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  5. I loved the idea that the fat quarters that spoke to you went mute. I hear you. As they say.

  6. quilt32 on said:

    Very funny post. Enjoyed reading about Grandpa and the kids making breakfast.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It was hysterical to listen to them. I think it will be weeks before we get all the toast crumbs out of the butter. They’re pretty well incorporated into the butter!

  7. Ha-ha kids eh? I remember all those pretendy episodes too 🙂 I hope your Juki works well. Good luck! Avis x

    • Me, too! I have a love/hate relationship with that machine. It’s like the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead. When it’s good, it’s very, very good and when it’s bad, it’s awful!

  8. Listening to you talk about breakfast in bed made me feel sooooo guilty! I took my wife out to breakfast… but in my defense, it was so I could get closer to completing one of my quilting projects.

  9. Reblogged this on Books quilts and sewing and commented:
    So many times I plan on doing some projects and get caught up doing something else in the way like “buriedinscraps”.

  10. Like you, I buy fat quarters that seem to stand out above the rest at the time. I try for the most to buy colors that will incorporate well in something I am currently working on. However, I don’t find it necessary to have a plan in mind for a fat quarter. I’m somewhat of a junkie where various color scraps are concerned and in then end, it just means that I have more to choose from when making a quilt.

  11. Exactly! I buy them because I like them. That’s why my stash is ever-growing!

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