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Look what I got!

Yesterday my aunt and I took a road trip two hours south on Route One to Threads of Time Quilt Shop and Retreat.  It was truly worth the two hours in the car!  I’m sorry that I have no photos of the shop.  I’m timid about asking if I can take photos.  I think it goes back to when I tried to take a picture of a line of dresses at a Renaissance Faire and was politely told to put the camera away.  Geesh…..I only liked the colors, not the dresses!  So, I guess I’m just afraid that someone will say no.  I know….get over it!

I’ve never met friendlier people.  When they found out it was our first trip to the shop, we got a guided tour of the shop and the retreat.  I’ve never been to a retreat.  I kind of like to be home at night, but I think I could be persuaded to stay there.  Very nice rooms…a huge workroom with many design walls.  There are design walls throughout the retreat area.  They have a beautiful garden out back with a fountain and a lighted patio.  I can see where it could be quite a relaxing weekend.  Sew…eat…sleep…repeat.

The shop itself is very nice.  They have a nice selection of fabrics.  As long as I can find Civil War repros I’m happy!  They carry a lot of Superior and Aurifil threads.  I really liked that since my local quilt shop doesn’t have a large selection.    We got a demonstration of a new product…..iron on thread.   It’s a heavier, glittery thread that you iron on to fabric…..much like a stained-glass look.  I can see where I might use that in holiday projects.

Anyway…if you are ever near Danville, Illinois, be sure to stop.   They’ll feed you cookies!  🙂

Reasons for Quilts (Edyta Sitar) is really a nice book.  It’s not really a pattern book although it comes with a DVD  containing patterns for some of the quilts.  It’s more the stories behind many of her quilts and the reasons why all of us quilt.  It’s beautifully photographed.  It would make a wonderful gift for any quilter….even a gift to yourself!  Hey, we deserve it!

As you can see, I found fabric.  Sometimes I feel like the Queen of the Fat Quarter.  I do so love them!!  :-). It’s obvious they followed me home!  I think you can tell which fat quarter I brought back for MiniQuilter.

Tomorrow, it’s another road trip with the husband.  We’re off to the Grout Museum in Waterloo, Iowa to see an exhibit of Civil War quilts and tribute quilts and Civil War letters and artifacts.  I’m going to ask about photography.  I’m guessing no….but I’ll ask!

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17 thoughts on “Look what I got!

  1. You may be surprised about the photography bit at the museum. I’ve learned not to assume the answer will be ‘no’. I haven’t been to that museum but I have been to Waterloo many times (really not far from home) but to the quilt shops in the area on several bus trips with a quilt group. Love that fabric. Fat quarters follow me home, also!!!!! That’s how a stash is born!!!! Hugs, D

  2. mary on said:

    Sweet stash. Wish I could’ve gone with you. Know of any online shops that specialize in Civil War fabrics?

  3. basildonkitchens on said:

    You should definitley go ahead and ask – really? What is the worst they could say? No? But you have a 50% chance of being granted permission!

    Great purchase and I am going to look for that book too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    • That book is really a nice one. Seems like I have so many books with patterns and if it isn’t something with a completely new technique, they start to look alike. So, I tend to buy books with stories in them.

  4. Sybil on said:

    Oh, I love those fabrics! I think I’m a closet civil war fabric addict……I just love that goldy/coppery color – do they call it butterscotch or something like that? YUM.

    • They call it cheddar. It’s my favorite. Since many of the Civil War colors are darker and sometimes drab, a little bit of that cheddar makes a quilt pop!

  5. lucky4the1 on said:

    You can never have too many civil war picks. Then again you know my stance on fat quarters. Good for you!

  6. Ohh, pretty. I love the colors, especially the blue. Dark with just a touch of green… it’s my favorite blue. Good finds!

  7. I love the colors, what is the thread?

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