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Fun in the sun…

….the very, very hot southwest Florida sun.  We spent three and a half days visiting our son and my sister and her family.  Lots of fun and good food…bleu cheese bacon burgers, New York pizza (Yep, in Florida!), chile rellenos, scallops, tres leches cake….  Yummy in the tummy but not so good for the button on the jeans!

You may recall that a few posts back, I teased you with some strips that I was taking along to Florida with me.  My sister and I spent the day working on a special project.  We have a project that we work on long distance.  We make lap quilts for the veteran’s home.  The goal was to piece a top while I was down there.  But not before we went to an organic cafe for breakfast.  Mmmmm….zucchini quiche!  A quick stop at the quilt shop for sashing fabric and we were back at her house.  She had her machines ready to rock and roll.  We had decided on a nine-patch.  Should be simple.  Yes…should be simple…but it wasn’t.  We had decided on a scrappy quilt but had different ideas about what that meant and had planned our strips that way.  I was thinking of a more planned block and she was thinking of a truly scrappy block.  We finally got on the same page…I liked her idea better and it was easier to do.  At some point we both went mathematically brain dead.  We had the strips figured correctly and the cuts figured correctly…just couldn’t figure out how many cuts we needed.  Each time we thought we had it licked…it was wrong.  So I sewed while my sister raided her stash and continued to cut strips.  What began as an organized project became organized chaos.  The sewing room floor looked like Eleanor Burns was working there!  But we finally finished the blocks and got them up on the design wall.

Before we left, she called to let me know she had completed the top, so I brought it home to quilt.

My son and his friends went on a swamp walk in the Everglades a few months back.  Yep, walking in swamp water up to your waist; sharing said water with alligators, water moccasins and spiders.  Oh my!  He tried to tell me that I told him I would do the walk with him when we came down.  I know I didn’t tell him that because my mama didn’t raise a fool.  Apparently his mama did…but mine did not!  One of the good things that came from his adventure was that he discovered a photographer by the name of Clyde Butcher.  Clyde Butcher is a black and white photographer specializing in Florida wilderness.  You can see his gallery here.  My favorite is the ghost orchid.  While I certainly couldn’t afford the $16,000 price tag on some of his images, I did manage to buy a few 5×7 notecards to frame.

We left Naples for Virginia.  It was too long to drive in one day so we stopped in Orlando.  You can’t visit Orlando and not visit The Mouse.  It would just be rude!  So we spent the next day at Epcot Center.  It’s one of my favorite places.  Lots of good entertainment and good food.  We had lunch at Le Cellier in the Canadian pavilion.  For all of my Canadian friends, I have to tell you that my husband and I shared an order of poutine.  I had heard of it but never had an opportunity to try it.  As bizarre as the thought of cheese fries covered in gravy sounds, they are actually quite tasty….and quite filling.  Between the two of us, we only managed to finish half of an order.  I think I was in carb overload, however, because I was looking for a place to take a nap.  We decided that regardless of how tasty we thought they were, we would probably never have them again.  An hour later, we were trying to figure out how to duplicate them at home!  Is it any wonder I gain weight on vacation?  🙂

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13 thoughts on “Fun in the sun…

  1. Your sewing w/ sis sounds like so much fun….once you were both “on the same page”LOL! The quilt top is lovely and will truly be appreciated and loved! The photographs of Clyde’s are incredible!! Such talent! Thank you for taking us through your memory ‘album’……..now, where are those fries??? Hehe!

    • mary on said:

      I just have one thing to say…pear pot factory. No wait…two things. My room always looks like Eleanor Burns. I clean up at the end of the day. 🙂

      • Eleanore Burns is so funny (I remember seeing her in Paducah and thinking she really does throw the fabric cuttings over her shoulder!!!!). When I took a pic of my sewing ‘nest’, I was able to take it from the table top up. What lies beneath is somewhat “organized” but not very photogenic!!!!! LOL!

        • Oh come on! Let us see the floor! Or what’s supposed to be the floor….. 😉

          • We’ll see………. Right now, my camera is residing at the home of the gal that hosted yesterday’s quilt gathering! In my gathering up of things, I neglected that one item resulting in a muddy trip back to her place in a few moments (she lives on a rural township gravel road that one must first climb a ‘switch back’ road to access!!! My poor car…..it’s raining “pitchforks and hammer nails” at the moment;-)…….We desperately need the rain, tho!)

      • I keep trying to picture Roger living with Eleanor! (For those of you who don’t know, that’s my uber-neat freak husband!)

    • I love Clyde’s images! I took a few pictures of the Everglades while we at the studio…until we became chigger lunch! In a video in the allergy, he said he uses dodge and burn in the darkroom. I may try that in PS with some of my images. In my spare time…..

  2. Bwahaha… There’s never enough spare time! Those fries sound good, but naughty, but good… LOL! I love the quilt top that you and and your sister put together! I am not organized enough to do a group quilt. (Unless I’m putting all the blocks together, or something like that!)

    • Apparently, my sister and I weren’t as organized as we thought! But it was still great to spend the day with her. She lives 1200 miles away. 😦

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