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Millstone Quilts

As promised….the quit shop!

In the Fall/Winter issue of Quilt Sampler,  I was introduced to Millstone Quilts in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  Since we had already planned a trip to Virginia in July ( I know….hot, hot hot!) I convinced my chauffeur that we had to stop!  Besides, I was sure it was air-conditioned!

After visiting the Cod Harbor battlefield, we set out to find Millstone Quilts.  It  was nearby.  How difficult could it be to find?  Pretty darn difficult!  But, please, don’t let that hold you back.  When we travel, my husband and I can get lost going around the block!  After driving down some very beautiful backroads, we finally reached our destination.  The shop is in an old nineteenth century grist mill.  You can see some of the workings on the third floor.  Yes, I said third floor.  There are three wonderful floors of fabrics!

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get the name of the woman working that day.  She was so very nice!  She made us feel welcome the minute we walked through the door. There is a small collection of 30s prints in the first room.  Made me think of MiniQuilter.  She loves those prints.  I had to buy her some Sock Monkey fabric.  OK…maybe for me, too.  😉

I nearly made camp in the next room.  It was full of Civil War reproduction fabrics and samples.  I did drop some coin there!  I got a nice bundle of CW fat quarters, some fat quarters for my sister…and for me…and a Kim Diehl book.  I fell in love with the Idaho Girl sample that was displayed.

The two upper floors had a nice variety of Thimbleberries and fabrics with a country feel.  And of course, the mill workings that fascinated my husband!  Guys!

If you’re looking for brights or batiks, this may not be the place for you.  But if you love reproduction fabrics as much as I do, you might want to bring a lunch!

Enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel as though I’ve been MIA….even to my family.  I’ve been hanging out here this past week with Kaye England.  I learned that you can certainly teach an old dog new tricks!

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11 thoughts on “Millstone Quilts

  1. Wow! That is one beautiful shop….and something for everyone (even DH!). Not planning on going that direction in the near future…….always the mail, though! Where there’s a will; there’s a way!! Hugs, D

    • It really was a nice shop. I love Quilt Sampler magazine. I’ve visited a few shops while on vacation because of it.

      • I/we have as well. Several years ago we went to the featured shop in Hannibal,MO. The article stated that the owner was a “business owner” not a quilter and that this was an investment situation. Well, the clerk was awesome and very warm/welcoming and the shop was arranged beautifully/artistically but the “feeling”/heart(?) wasn’t there (my opinion only). Said to DH that I really wouldn’t care if I never came back!! Have a shop similar to that in Onalaska,WI (near us). Beautiful and full of gorgeous fabric but there is a lack I can’t put my finger on. At the other end of town there is a tiny shop with limited bolts (River Roads Quilt shop, La Crosse,WI). It is awesome and the owner is passionate about the craft/art. So different.

        • So true. I went to a shop when we were in New York and the people weren’t friendly at all. I was glad that wasn’t my local shop. Beautiful shop…beautiful fabrics…no personality. 😦

  2. mary on said:

    Man…awesome quilt shop. Do they have a web site to purchase fabrics? I loved everyone of those quilts in the slideshow.

    • It doesn’t look like they do mail order. Darn!! Those were only a few of the quilts that were displayed. I just realized that I bought a book to make one of the samples and didn’t get a picture of that quilt! Duh…

  3. Gorgeous shop and quilts….thanks for taking us with you! Makes me want to sew something traditional.

  4. ruthiequilts on said:

    It looks great Candy! I’ve been doing a lot of bright things lately, but my heart still pitter patters at the traditional quilts!!!

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