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Dang! It was operator error…..

You may recall these blocks and my rant about how they go don’t go together right and the pattern was wrong and so on and so on and so on.

My very first impulse was to toss them in the trash and be done with it.  I decided against that.  My second idea was to iron the snot out of them and hope for the best.  I tried that and the best I got was “eh..ok”.  I decided that “eh” was OK.  After  having slept on it, I decided to take it completely apart and start over.  I looked at the illustration that was given and I read it to mean to sew two dark triangles to opposite sides of the square and then construct the two remaining sides and set them in.  You see how that worked for me! 

So, I sewed the dark triangles to all four sides of the center square,leaving 1/4′” open at each end.  Then I set the larger triangles in and guess what!  It worked.

I had been relying on my memory to do the “Y” seam.  Now, everyone knows that women of a certain age should never rely on their memory.  🙂  Lesson learned!

All was right with the world….until I saw this week’s block.  Oh my!!  I did my best Scarlett O’Hara impression and said  “I won’t think about that today.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.”   🙂

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