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Ready to roll!!

I’m finally caught up with the Grandmother’s Choice blocks!  I wasn’t sure that would ever happen.  Some of those blocks were pretty complicated.  But they were not going to get the best of me.  It was personal now.  So I played catch-up this  weekend and they are finally finished.  Whew!!

I really like how they’re looking.  I used the Mill Girls line for the basis and then added some fabrics from my stash.  Now that I’m caught up, I’m ready to roll on the rest of them!

Have you ever cut out pieces for a block and found out that even thought you think you did the math, they were the wrong size?  I’ve done that twice while making these blocks.  And I did it again yesterday while cutting out pieces for a small quilt.   I’ve found that I can’t cut out pieces if I’m distracted.   And I’m kind of like a cat….I’m easily distracted!  🙂  So rather than recut more pieces for the small quilt, I put it to the side.  As I had a few minutes left to sew, I picked up a little muslin “sammie” that I was using to practice FMQ.  I decided to play.  I hadn’t practiced in a while so I was afraid I was back to square one.  But I really felt good about it!

Now, I’m really excited to begin quilting the basket quilt for MiniQuilter!  I am finally beginning to believe I can do this!!


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33 thoughts on “Ready to roll!!

  1. Your feathers look fantastic, I can’t wait to start FMQing again too!

  2. Your “sammie” piece is fantastic!!! The feathers/fill stitching will work so nicely on your larger quilt projects. I know I get so “adrenaline rushed” it’s really hard to sleep at night! LOL!!! Those squares are so much the colors I love to work with, also. You did such a great job!

  3. Dear sister- your feathers are very pretty! And your blocks are gorgeous!

    I am having difficulties with my fabric choices for the BOW too. Need more color. Working on that tho.

    And I am having problems with the sunflower. Too many cuss words have laid it to rest for now. Other than that BOW is caught up for me too. 🙂

  4. I would love to be able to FMQ like that. Fantastic.

  5. quilt32 on said:

    I would love to be able to FMQ like that and your fabric choices are perfect for the Grandmother’s Choice blocks.

    • Thanks, Lillian. I never thought I could quilt like this. And now, when I see some of the more intircate fmq, I think that just maybe I could do that, too … with lots more practice, of course!!

  6. Your quilting is lovely!!! I’d be happy to do it as well as you!!! Love the blocks too !!!

  7. Wow! Your blocks are Beautiful. I’ve never seen those block patterns before. What is that pattern? Of course, your color choice are perfect. And, good for you that you are not giving up on your machine quilting. Good job.

  8. Gorgeous blocks – I’ve never even heard of Grandmother’s choice before.

  9. Lovely free motion quilting. So nice to see it. And the blocks look great too.

  10. Nice job! I think your quilting looks fantastic!

  11. Your blocks look amazing. love the colors. And your FMQing……wonderful. I must practice my feathers one of these days. I’m jealous of yours.

  12. Those blocks look awesome, and the quilting looks great too!!!!

    Happy Quilting.

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