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The devil made me do it…

I was wandering through Joann Fabrics the other day and I was drawn to the magazine rack.  In the past few months, I’ve put myself on a magazine diet.  I read them, can’t bear to part with them and they stack up.  I’ve probably killed a small forest over the years.  Having said that, you won’t see me on the next episode of “Hoarders”, but it is a habit I’d like to break.  I’ve been very selective in my magazine purchases of late.  So, when I passed by the rack, I tried to just skim over the rack and move on.

But, then….I saw this.  Ooooo….I like that quilt on the cover.  “Don’t pick it up”‘ that little angel on my shoulder said.   “Oh, just a little peek won’t hurt” the little devil said.  A little poke from his pitchfork and there it was…in my hot, little hands.  A closer look at the cover quilt.  I gotta make this!  Oh, yeah…I gotta make this.  The little angel said “You have a huge pile of “gotta makes” in various stages of completion.  Shouldn’t you finish those first?”  Yeah, but…  “No”, she said.  “Maybe another day.”  I sighed.  I returned the magazine to the rack.  I walked to the batting aisle and picked up the one thing I came to purchase.  I turned the corner.

“Pssst….hey, kid, over here!”  I turned.  I looked.  There was that little red devil,  perched on the corner of the magazine rack.  “C’mon….you know you want it.  Think how awesome that would look in reproduction fabrics.  Seriously, it’s only one magazine.  Just a tiny tree…a twig.  The stack isn’t up to the ceiling yet.  It’ll fit.  Besides, you know you love it….”

Darn devil!  Now the magazine is in my hands again and there’s no turning back.  So, here it is, in my house and I discover that the Installment 2 directions are in the next issue…and so it goes.  I only hope I can find it since I found this one by chance.

All joking aside, this is a beautiful publication.  It’s informative, wonderfully photographed and a very nice blend of quilting styles.  I was especially drawn to the article “Beneath the Southern Sky”.  It’s a traveling exhibit that shows the quilter’s interpretation and vision of the theme.  It makes me want to visit Australia.

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.  Others want to go to Paris or Hawaii.  I want to go to Australia.  It just seems uniquely beautiful in a rugged sort of way.  But since there isn’t enough Xanax in the world to get me on an airplane, it appears to be the impossible dream.   I don’t even think the remote possibility of bumping into Russell Crowe in the corner store could get me on a plane.  And it would be a pretty long drive/swim.  So, I’ll just admire from afar.  And hope that maybe Russ will show up at our local 7/11. 😉

Off on a different tangent…why does Barbara Brackman hate me? 🙂  Another variation of the dreaded Amethyst block in Grandmother’s Choice!  One wasn’t enough.  She had to give us two!  She is one tough task master!  By the end of this quilt, we’ll all be doing Y-seams with our eyes closed!

If we were talking about Maple Leaf quilts, this photo would tie right in.  But we’re not.  And I love this shot, so I’m including it anyway!

Maybe we should all take some time out it think like a kid!  Might make us smile!

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18 thoughts on “The devil made me do it…

  1. Now you did it!! Makes me want to run out and get this magazine! And, add to my unfinished projects.

  2. Have, also, put myself on a diet of sorts……have too many mag subscriptions and will pick ONE to continue when they run out…..promise…..really……honestly……

  3. Gorgeous quilt! But I will not be joining the misery club this time around. lol. Today was a great day as I did nothing on my quilting list and chose to go off on a sidebar fabric dying.

    And I am feeling the same way about our friend Barbara. I attempted the Kansas Sunflower block today (3rd attempt).. It didn’t start out well so I stopped. No sense in pushing through to another crappy block. I was thinking I might replace that block with a block that says “image not found”. lol. It’s an option…

  4. quilt32 on said:

    The quilt looks really interesting – I’ll be anxious to see what you do with it.

    As for the romp in the leaves – oh, what energy, what fun!

  5. Candy…I’d like to be a kid again! Thanks so much for posting that photo! That is great food for the soul!

  6. I get Down Under Quilts online for free – beautiful magazine. And like you, I have too many magazines, and can’t bear to part with even one.

    • Since I bought that issue, I signed up for the free subscription. I saw the “next” issue, but it doesn’t have the directions in it. So, I’ll be searcing the store for it this weekend. Well worth the effort, I think!

  7. I live in Australia and have quite a large collection of those magazines and made a few quilts from it. I used to be a craft magazine editor myself and worked with a lady whose daughter is the publisher of that magazine!

  8. It will be a lovely quilt! I tried to give up buying books for a year. I made it about 3 months and caved.

    And yes…..Barbara should be ashamed of herself. I struggled through 2 more of those @_)(@#*$)#($*_#(* blocks but I was not in my happy place while doing them. Surely they will get easier, right?

  9. Man, oh man. I can’t bear to part with magazines either. Although, I am very good at not buying them. How? Just don’t look… Don’t look… Don’t look…

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