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Who wants to help?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  There are many places where we can send donations to help those in need.  But quilters are special.  We want to do more than just write a check.  We know the comfort and warmth that those little pieces of fabric cut apart and sewn back together can bring.  Erin at My Patchwork Life has a plan to help!  She’s looking for block donations.  Just one 12″  Hidden Four Patch from each of us can go a long way to send lots of quilty hugs to people who could certainly use one!

Please check out Erin’s blog for all the information needed.  She has a tutorial for constructing the HIdden Four Patch for those of us (like me) who had no idea what the block is.

C’mon!  It will only take a little bit of time out of your weekend.  A little bit of time can bring alot of warmth (both kinds!) to someone else. 

Quilters are the best!!


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3 thoughts on “Who wants to help?

  1. I’m in! Taking care of mine tomorrow.

  2. OK. I’ll give it a try! Where do I send it??

  3. Have just hopped over and e-mailed for address info. Hugs, blessings and many prayers to all!

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