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Are you a No Reply Blogger?

Apparently I am!  I was unaware of this fact until recently…just merrily reading and commenting on other blogs unaware that the blogger maybe couldn’t respond to my witty gems!  Does this mean that no one can read any comments I might leave on a post?  No…it just means that I may not be able to win contests or give-aways on some blogs. 😦   I have to come to enjoy blogging and the interaction I have with quilters all around the globe.  Blogging has made the world a very small place in a very good way for me.  So, it’s a little upsetting to not be able to participate fully.  End of the world for me?  Nope.   But it would be more fun if I didn’t feel left out sometimes.  😉

I’m not completely sure what a no reply blogger is…I think it has something to do with your OpenID and WordPress.  I did a little search in the WordPress forums and there is really no answer for it there.  In fact, one of the WordPress people wasn’t even sure what the term meant.  Not reassuring…

So, my question is this:

Have any of you experienced this?  Do you know of a solution or a work-around?  Darn it!!  I want to win fabric give-aways!  Because I don’t have enough fabric….. 🙂


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