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Are you a No Reply Blogger?

Apparently I am!  I was unaware of this fact until recently…just merrily reading and commenting on other blogs unaware that the blogger maybe couldn’t respond to my witty gems!  Does this mean that no one can read any comments I might leave on a post?  No…it just means that I may not be able to win contests or give-aways on some blogs. 😦   I have to come to enjoy blogging and the interaction I have with quilters all around the globe.  Blogging has made the world a very small place in a very good way for me.  So, it’s a little upsetting to not be able to participate fully.  End of the world for me?  Nope.   But it would be more fun if I didn’t feel left out sometimes.  😉

I’m not completely sure what a no reply blogger is…I think it has something to do with your OpenID and WordPress.  I did a little search in the WordPress forums and there is really no answer for it there.  In fact, one of the WordPress people wasn’t even sure what the term meant.  Not reassuring…

So, my question is this:

Have any of you experienced this?  Do you know of a solution or a work-around?  Darn it!!  I want to win fabric give-aways!  Because I don’t have enough fabric….. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Are you a No Reply Blogger?

  1. Hi Candy, this happens to me all the time when I read “blogger” or “blogspot” blogs. It drives me nuts!! You have to jump through so many hoops to send a comment that I now no longer read them which is a great shame. If you do want to enter their giveaways, you can type your email address at the end of a comment but then it is public. I’ll be watching your comments with interest as I’d love to resolve this too 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it. Avis x

  2. Candy,
    Open a Blogger account. You don’t have to open a blog with Blogger, just an account that you can use to sign in with — and then you can set your e-mail address and your web site (your WordPress blog) address. That way you’re no longer a no-reply blogger on Blogger/Blogspot.
    I wish that Open ID worked the way they suggest it will, but I’ve not been able to make it do so.

    • Yup…this is how I did it.

    • I was really hoping that opening an account wasn’t the only answer. I know I don’t have to have a blog but I’m really trying to simplify things. 🙂 I agree I wish OpenID worked the way I thought it did.

      • jennyklyon on said:

        I’m on Word Press also and Blogger seems archaic in this regard. They make it difficult for me to comment in the first place. And they want me to open one of their accounts just to be able to bypass “n0 reply” to someone else’s Blogger? I am not going to do that.

  3. How odd. I’ve been able to comment using Open ID. I’ve found I need to be logged into WordPress in another window for it to work that’s all. Mind you I can’t comment on blogger blog on my iPhone anymore

  4. I’m a no reply blogger too, but was able to get in contact with the gal I needed to via email. I’m not sure how to work it on WordPress, but it would be great if I could! I’ve found I have to have my blog window open to comment on a lot of blogs, but have had comments and replys back?! Good luck! (And tell me the secret when you find out how to do it!)

  5. I, also, have had this applied to me. I have gone on the WP forums for an answer but have come up with nothing. It was suggested to ask the “Blogger” forum but that requires a Blog account!! (Which would, of course, solve the problem!) I do not want that kind of access/exchange of info between my WP account and Blogger…I really don’t know how this all works but, generally, I have had no problems. I only found out about this through a contact with a Blogger whom I had contacted by e-mail and her response contained the “no reply” comment. I have heard from others that WP does not always “play well” with Blogger (in particular!). Sorry that this really doesn’t ‘help’ the situation it just lets you know there are a few of us in the same “boat”!!!!!

    • It’s getting to be a pretty big boat! Yep…not sure I want another account. I guess I’ll have to figure out how important this is to me. 😦

      • If you have the option to just leave a comment as “Name/URL”, I believe that the “track back” is possible (“No Reply” doesn’t apply)…..that’s been my experience! The e-mail info isn’t published but is available to the blogger whose site it is. I won’t get a Blogger acct. cuz it’s one more major source of “cookies”/ads, etc and my ‘puter is cluttered enough!!! If the blogger wants to respond she/he could by going to your site/blog and leaving a comment, also! There are ways if you leave a comment with your active site link. Just sayin’

  6. This is something that drives me nuts too. It feels like I have read every single post about this on the WP forum, but can’t find an answer. It’s a pain to be a No Reply blogger. 😦

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