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And they’re off…

I finally got my Sandy blocks in the mail to My Patchwork Life.  I had a ball making the blocks.  The Disappearing Nine Patch is easy and fun.  MiniQuilter wanted to take a shot at making a block.  The light blue block on the left is hers.  Not bad for an eight year old. 😉  She had been hiding from her sewing machine lately but she’s taken an interest once again.  I’m happy to see that!

Now for one of my What in the Hallelujah Was I Thinking moments.  I decided it would be fun to make MiniQuilter some Barbie clothes for Christmas.  I made her American Girl doll clothes last year.  They were fun to make.  They were also big!  After I got home with patterns and teeny weeny snaps and miniscule elastic I thought to myself…what have you done?!!

 Barbie is pretty small and my eyes aren’t what they once were!  But here I am looking at sparkly red foo-foo fabric and tiny little red ribbon roses.  I believe I’ll devote one day to it.  Close myself up away from the world and make those little buggers.   And when I’m finished, I’ll emerge from my sewing palace and head straight to the royal kitchen for a glass or four of the fruit of the vine!  What we won’t do for our grandchildren!!  Cheers!

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19 thoughts on “And they’re off…

  1. Your “Sandy” squares are wonderful!!! Together many will know a quilty hug!!!! Barbie clothes should be “outlawed”!!!! Yes, love will bring us to many projects that otherwise would not be chosen……you can do it (this once!!!!???)! Hugs, Doreen

  2. LOL! This brings back memories…I’ve tortured myself many a time making Barbie clothes!

  3. quilt32 on said:

    So wonderful that an 8-year-old can make a block like this!

    I hate to make doll clothes. I can manage the American Doll OK, but really, really hate the Barbie clothes.

    • I’m so happy that she wants to sew. I lether sew at her own pace. If I push her, I’m afraid it will push her away. She we sew when she’s ready! Maybe I should teach her to sew Barbie clothes!!

  4. Finished two and sent them off. talked to other Quilting Friends and they are doing several too. Loved that block. was so much fun and for a good cause. Thanks for the suggestion to help.

  5. I liked making the disappearing nine patch too! Great pattern for a great cause! Good luck on making Barbie foo foo dresses….

    • Barbie will get one foo-foo dress…singular! 🙂 She may get other things but only one set of fancy duds! I remember I made a Barbie wedding dress for my niece one year for Christmas. I probably could have made a real wedding dress for the time that took!

  6. Your blocks look great. What a great cause.

    I’m in the minority – I know – but I used to LUUUUUUUVVVV making Barbie clothes. When my nieces were into them – I’d make all kinds of fancy dress for them – entire wardrobes.

    You could cheat…..go to an Autumn craft show and just buy them….lol

    (Did you see the Grandmother’s Choice block for this week? …..more @#*&#*&*#@& Y seams…..!)

    • Can I hire you? 😉

      I just saw the block this morning. I swear she’s trying to kill us! I still haven’t made the schoolhouse block…or any NYBs. We’ve been planning a 90th birthday open house for my husband’s mother. Now that’s out of the way, I may have time to sew. I only have one Christmas stocking to make for a gift this year so I won’t be tied down with projects….except Miss Barbie!

  7. I had to laugh, too. It reminded me of an aunt that made a ton of Barbie clothes for me, including the most beautiful hand knitted dress length coat with tiny brass buttons! Of course I took all of the work and effort she put into Barbie’s wardrobe for granted – if I’d only known then what I know now! 🙂

  8. My grandmother used to crochet Barbie dresses for me. I loved them. Wish I still had them. I never had the black sequined evening gown with the big ruffle on the bottom…remember that one?…but my Barbie looked fine when she stepped out thanks to Grandma!

  9. My mom used to make our dolls clothes. I love that my girls still have those clothes to play with!

  10. Hah! Let Barbie go naked and head right for the wine. Best advice I can give you… 😉

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