Decide what to be and go be it.

How time flies…

…when you’re having fun.  Or supposed to be!

After getting through Thanksgiving with little or no drama–no dropped pies or turkeys that didn’t cook–decorating for Christmas should be  a piece of cake.

It’s a tradition (or a curse–not sure which) to decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving.  Since this was Mr. Christmas’ (aka my husband) first post-retirement Christmas, decorating should be a snap this year!  Or not…   It’s well documented that when we decorate, the rest of the family scatters to the four winds.  No one wants to be around when the battles begin.  Getting  a pre-lit tree has helped tremendously in curtailing the not so festive words that would fly around the tree trying to get the lights wrapped around the branches just right.  And, yeah, those nuggets came from me.  Mr. C was always too busy having a holly, jolly Christmas.  No holly, jolly for me until the decorating is done.

This year we were getting an early start–a whole day early.  Maybe this wouldn’t be a lost weekend after all!  Step One…assemble the tree.  You know, as they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt….or the tree falls over.  Yep, our tree decided to keel over.  The “trunk” bent and we watched it fall like a giant redwood in our living room.  Mr. C decided to just bend the trunk back the other way and it should be good to go for one more year.  Oh yeah…that worked…for about 60 seconds.  Tim-ber!!  It came down again.  Two choices…tie it to the window locks or buy a new one.  We had a tree that had to be tied up back in the day.  Even though we tried to make it look festive by tying it with red ribbon, the bottom line was it just looked tacky.  So, off to the store we went.  By this time Mr. C was no longer holly, jolly and since I wasn’t to begin with, you can imagine the mood in the car.  Add to that a little thing we call “Black Friday” and I think you know where this went!

The store was not very crowded–grateful for that.  They were also not very cheap.  If I need to buy a new tree I’m the day after Christmas bargain hunter, so I was stunned by the prices.  Narrowed it down to two and couldn’t decide–should I go cheap or go pretty?  Mr. C reminded me that we weren’t buying a house …just a Christmas tree.  PICK ONE!!  OK…so I went with pretty.

Later on that evening, MiniQuilter and MarioFan came by to “help” decorate the tree.  I’ll admit to being a little bit tyrannical particular with ornament placement.  It comes naturally—my grandmother was the queen of the ornament placers!  I had to keep reminding myself that in a couple of years they won’t want to help decorate and I”ll be sad.  But WHY do kids find the butt-ugly ornaments–the ones you just can’t bring  yourself to toss out for whatever reason–and put them right in the front of the tree?

Right in the front where i have to look at it every time I pass by!  Is it a kid thing?

But when it was all said and done the tree was pretty and it was finished in one day.  Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and Mr. Christmas with a beer, it looked pretty and festive.

Which gave me all day Sunday to sew.  I had made a baby quilt for the granddaughter of a good friend.  It’s an I Spy quilt.  Picked up the kit for $7–all cut out and ready to go.  Pieced it quickly and it looked cute.  I decided that since I had a poly batt, I’d use that.  After I started to stitch-in-the-ditch, I remembered why I don’t use poly.  I like flat quilts and this had too  much loft  for me.  Too late to change horses now.  So I plugged along.  I did some nice swirlies in the border–several times.  I had to “unsew” and resew because the backing folded over and was caught in the stitching.  I don’t know how many times I have to do this before I learn.  Apparently…several!

My favorite part not) of quiltmaking was up next…the binding.  It actually went on pretty well for a change.  But I have lots of trouble with mitered corners.  Mine do not look nice.

Maybe it’s practice..maybe it’s me.  I just know I’m not happy with the results.  So I walked away from it and came back to it later.  It didn’t look so bad.  The baby won’t my mistakes.  And I don’t think his mom will either!

Still gearing up for Barbie…   🙂


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24 thoughts on “How time flies…

  1. It sounds traumatic!!! LOL! Tree drama always makes for a festive mood… 😉 The quilt came out cute! I like to sew my binding down by hand. I imagine the corners would be a booger on the machine!

  2. Your tree really does look beautiful and you’re way ahead of me/us. DH has the lights going outside but inside it looks more like…..well…..not any particular season. Doing more sewing than decorating!!!!! The quilt turned out just fine. Poly batts certainly do try a body!! I prefer the flatter batts, also (usually 80/20) but have been working on a QOV that has a poly batt….and a lot of bias edges. Definitely not one of my better efforts;-( My solution: I’ll finish the borders, bind it and throw it in the washer/dryer for crinkly goodness (and, hopefully, some coverage of wrinkles!!).

    • I’ve learned to just decorate when he’s ready and get’er done! Then I have more sewing time.
      Don’t you just love the dryer? It solves so many problems. When my son was in college, we were taking him and his roommate out for dinner. His roomie said “I have to iron my shirt”. Soon I heard the hum of the dryer. A boy after my own heart!! Still cracks me up when I think about it.

  3. quilt32 on said:

    Your tree looks gorgeous – and indulge the grandchildren. After having my youngest grandchildren decorate the tree for 10 years, this year both of them decided they didn’t want to do it. The 13-year-old grandson I could understand, but not the 9-year-old granddaughter! She’s growing up a little too fast.

    The quilt also looks great. Good job.

    • Lillian….I intend to indulge them! It kills me not to move the ornaments but I leave them where they put them. Unless, of course, the tree is in danger of toppling over because they’re all hanging on one branch! 😉 My grands are almost nine so I know I’m on borrowed time with them.

  4. Tree looks great! I kinda like the odd looking little guy in the front of the tree. 🙂
    We opted to buy an artificial tree this year after three years of having a real tree. My first choice I could not afford. $400. My second choice was out of stock. So my third choice was the winner. And it was very similar to the other two choices.

    My tree is going to be very interesting this year as I tried something a bit unusual. But so far I love it!

    • Oh and tomorrow the kids come to help decorate it. And like you dear sister, I am anal about placement. Should be fun. 😉

    • We are the same because of Maddie! Remember poor Grandpa when they were putting up the tree? And those smowflakes and lights around the picture window? So funny!! I miss them. 😦

      • The only ornament I have left of gramma’s is the two worn out elves. But I love them!

        I do not remember that ornament.

        I have used two 9’x 18″ rolls of burlap cut into 2.5 inch 9 ft strips as garland. It looks awesome with the clear lights! The ornaments are either handmade, primitive or woodsy. Should be cool!

    • Do you remember that odd little guy from Grandma’s? Chris brought him home one day. Apparently she was ready to get rid of him, too!

      What are you doing diferently with your tree? Pictures please.

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous and I love the little elf guy too. I used to be very compulsive about ornament placement, and everybody indulged me while we were decorating – but then I would catch them moving ornaments after we were done, just to mess with me – “Look, I put 2 green ones next to each other – how long before she notices?” I chose to find that amusing.

    The quilt is so cute too!

    • That’s funny! My kids wouldn’t dare move the ornaments. My grandkids are much more bold! 🙂 I don’t dare move theirs…my eagle-eye granddaughter would notice immediately!

  6. Your tree is beautiful and it is up! Mine hasn’t been up for two years, but this should be the year that it is going to be shown off. It’ll be fun; I’ll get to see what my ornaments look like. LOL!

  7. Beautiful tree, Candy.

    • Thanks! I picture you with a rusted aluminum tree. 😉 Or does aluminum rust?

      • You are a hoot! I don’t think aluminum rusts but it does work as a ‘mordant’ to prep cotton fabric. 🙂

        I used to be the queen of Christmas…..5 trees and thousands of lights….a real Martha-type. Now…..we don’t even put up a tree. Sometimes – if I’m motivated, I’ll string some tinsel around the fireplace. Since moving to Australia – I just can’t seem to get into the Christmas mood (or crazies in my case)…..maybe because it’s so hot and so different that South Dakota Christmases?

  8. Your tree looks fabulous! Actually, I believe the saying goes like this: it’s all fun and games till someone has to make Barbie clothes… lol

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