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Alas Zippy…we knew you well.

This is all that remains of the second incarnation of Zippy the Monkey.

zippyYeah, I know…he scares me, too!  Zippy belongs to my boss (Hi, Beth!) who has had him for 59 years.  Over those 59 years, he’s lost an ear and a nose and a hand.  Apparently, as a child, whenever she was upset with her mother, she would chew on Zippy.  I suppose it was cheaper than therapy!  Zippy appeared on my desk last week.  In a moment of weakness or insanity, I said I would try to fix him.  I promise you that I do not partake of the grape before leaving for work…although it’s the only real reason I can think of for the offer. 🙂  So, I’m looking at poor, little Zippy and trying to figure out where to start.  Perhaps a match? 😉

origina;For those of you, who are too young to remember Zippy, this is what he should look like!  We’ll see what we end up with!

nybAnd for my friend and partner in crime, here’s the latest of my New York Beauty blocks.  I only have four completed and many more to go.  But now, with the holidays behind me, I can get back to my machine.  Oh how I wish I could train my husband to remove the paper from the back.  Suppose I could get someone who needs community service?

I’ve been working on the quilt for MarioFan.  I’m really enjoying this one.  I believe I need twenty blocks and I have four finished.  They go together nicely.  After the Grandma nightmare, it’s refreshing to enjoy piecing once again!  Now to get back to free motion quilting.  I’m afraid you’ve all left me in the dust!

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21 thoughts on “Alas Zippy…we knew you well.

  1. Yikes, Zippy is scarier to me in his original form. Good luck!

  2. quilt32 on said:

    I think one of my kids had Zippy – he lo0oks very familiar.

  3. Are you a closet masochist? First Barbie clothes…now this? Goodness girl!
    I want to see photos of the Mario blocks! I quilting vicariously since I am buried under paperwork, not scraps.

    • I fear I might be! Truth is that I don’t remember saying I’d fix him. I said I’d look at him but I think she heard “fix”.
      I’m not making the Mario quilt you directed me to. At least not yet. 😉 I’ll add that to my What Were You Thinking” list. MarioFan is my blog name for my grandson. He was a little hurt because his sister was known as MiniQuilter and he wanted a name, too. The blocks for his quilt are shown in this post. Maybe I’ll make him a pillow with the Mario block.

  4. I have never heard of this creature. lol

    I love those blocks though. Awesome colors. And, the block itself looks simple. They look like fun to make!

    My New York Beauty has three blocks done. I’m not counting how many I have left to do. And, I don’t really care. It is one of those projects that will move slowly and I’m okay with that. It is a project I will finish.

    I am dealing with monkeys jumping on the bed right now. lol

    • Of course you haven’t…you aren’t old enough!
      The block is very simple to make. I thought if I could make two per week I could finish it in a reasonable length of time. Like before he’s twenty.
      Watch those monkeys jumping on the bed lest they end up looking like Zippy! 🙂

  5. Was Zippiy a tv character? The one in the box is the stuff of nightmares.

  6. Zippy IS scary! And I agree with Laura…..are you NUTS? 🙂

    Your NYB block is beautiful. Love the colors. (I like being your partner in crime!)

    MarioFan’s blocks are also lovely. You are good with selecting colors.

    • You know..people who don’t sew think if you have a sewing machine you can do anything. But, even if you can it doesn’t mean you want to! Eh..we’ll give it a whirl. Good thing is old Zippy can’t look any worse!
      I like doing the NYB blocks…except for the paper. If I send them to you , will your dear, dear husband remove the paper? 😉 I can see that our projects will be totally different from each other!
      I have a couple partners in crime. You guys make life interesting!!

  7. Ha! That is without a doubt the most pathetic remains of a child’s toy that I have ever seen. Zippy deserves a shoebox burial complete with a kazoo orchestra funeral parade. Poor Zippy.

    • So funny! If my boss were to bury poor Zippy, that’s exactly the kind of thing she would do!
      When my son was little, he had a Winnie the Pooh that ended up being the most disgusting thing I ever saw. But Zippy beats Pooh all to heck!! Alas, poor Zippy.

  8. That’s my favorite part of paper piecing Candy! LOL! Pulling paper off the back is like popping bubble wrap. Mindless fun! Maybe that’s why I like paper piecing so much! It’s a sickness.

  9. p.s. I’m no help with Zippy.

  10. Elisabeth on said:

    Dear Candy, I always enjoy reading your blog, so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://e1preininger.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/liebster-award-part-2/. Feel free to join or to ignore it. Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

    • Elisabeth, I truly appreciate the nomination. It humbles me to think that someone enjoys my blog that much. But at this point I have to say Thanks, but no thanks”. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and please visit often!

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