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In a funk…

I’m in a funk.  I hate funks!  But I’m in a funk. 

lackadaisical-184714I had every intention of telling you about my third grandchild.  I was going to show you the crumb blocks that my sister made me make.  I was going to show you New York Beauty blocks that I completed.  But I didn’t do any of that.  Because I feel like that little turtle.  I’m on my back and no matter how hard I roll around I can’t seem to get upright.  I spin to the right and I spin to the left and nothing happens.  (Insert deep sigh here)   I believe that it happens to everyone once in a while and we help each other out of it.  It’s just no fun when it’s you!!  It appears that my creativity is on hiatus.   My imagination is on vacation.  And here I sit, waiting for it to come home. 😦

Anyone out there have a stimulus?  A kick in the pants? A smack upside the head?


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21 thoughts on “In a funk…

  1. quilt32 on said:

    I think anyone as creative as you are needs a rest now and then. Maybe a couple of days (or weeks) away from quilting will rejuvenate you.

  2. wish I had an idea for you…I get in the funk every once and a while…the sewing machines glare at me…the fabric makes mean noises…the rotary cutter gives me a snotty look for all the ignoring I do of it. I usually go on like this for a week or 2 until I can take it no more and start slicing and dicing the fabric, sewing great piles of squares…creating fabulousness…perhaps try something totally not quilting…get a canvas and some paint…don’t use brushes, use your hands to make a surreal mess of feeling…perhaps your drop cloth will give you a new and interesting idea for a quilt! just thinking out loud here… :)we’re all pulling for you!

  3. **Smack** Gratitude….when the ground is fallow it’s an opportunity to refresh and renew. Write down a few things for which you are truly grateful. Contemplate on those things and thank God for them. There’s a reason things are seasonal; the switch can’t always be on “full power”…..but be grateful for and appreciate downtime. It’s a good thing.

    • Very good advice! I think we sometimes think that we always have to go at full steam. I will take time to be grateful today. That’s unfortunately something I don’t do aften enough. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I’ve had turtle days too, Candy. It’s time to just take a break and do something you don’t usually do – what you might feel is wasting time, but will give you a breather. Don’t worry, the turtle will right itself soon and you’ll be going full steam ahead again, and enjoying it.

  5. Don’t worry Candy. It happens to all of us. Give your brain a little rest and your creative juices will start to flow again. In the meantime enjoy the break.

  6. There is no tomorrow. Only today. Enjoy today.

  7. I’ve been having a bit of a creative downturn, too. This time, instead of being annoyed by it, though, I’ve tried to just let it be. Don’t worry, it will pass. In the meantime, I’m getting a good bit of sleeping, reading, and some baking done.

  8. You can do it Candy! Don’t think of it as “have to”… Think of it as therapy for everything else!!! Rah rah!

  9. What is this about a third grandchild??
    Love you,

    • You and Mary will just have to wait. 😉

      • Hmmm…I guess we will see. In the meantime… Anew sewing machine? The family dog has joined you? Another gerbil? Perhaps a ferret? A new car. lol

        I’m out of guesses. I’m not banking on the obvious. lol

        • Nope, no new machine. Yeah, right..a dog! No gerbil, hamsters or ferrets. Don’t say new car in front of Roger..it doesn’t take much. And, no, it’s not the obvious…unless Paul is hiding something. 🙂

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