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I feel crummy today…

My sister started it.  She started making crumb blocks.  And, like the lemming I am, I jumped right in after her.  I’ll admit that I was resistant at first.  Why would I want to sew little scraps together all willy-nilly?  I’m a symmetrical person fo cryin’ out loud!  I love need balance.  (my nine-year old grandson asked me Saturday if I knew what symmetry was.  Unfortunately, at times, I know all too well!)  So, the thought of grabbing a couple of scrap pieces out of a basket and making them fit gave me fits.  And what if one of the scraps was, say, a Christmas fabric…in a non-holiday themed quilt.  My quilting OCD wouldn’t let me do that.  Oh dear!  I told myself this would drive me batty(er) and I don’t need the stress.

And my sister kept talking about her crumb blocks.  How much fun they were.  How cool they were. How many quilt tops she made.  I tried to resist.  I really did.  But resistance was futile.  I jumped in.  At first I just sewed them as leaders and enders.  A snippet here….a square there.  A strip along the Flying Geese that didn’t fly right.  Uh oh….this was fun!

So I started to look forward to the crumb blocks more than the project blocks.  And then…(dramatic pause)…I put the project away and made crumb blocks.  Not a million, but quite a few.  I found myself going through my large scrap baskets and cutting smaller pieces and locating all of those orphan half square triangles.

crumb_pileI think this is what we all need at times…some mindless sewing.  The kind that’s very forgiving.  The kind that doesn’t count mistakes.  The kind where mistakes like my wonky Flying Geese can find a home.  We all need crumb blocks.

blocksWant to see how to make them?  Click here to visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog.

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22 thoughts on “I feel crummy today…

  1. I made some of these the other day as well..I think it may become obsessive lol! I do love the “no mistakes” part…

  2. I just finished using up most of my small scraps, and all I did was log cabin blocks, and now I am sick of them! Wish I had seen this first! I love your blocks. I will keep this in mind for the next time I have built up a pile of small scraps.

  3. Cindy @ In A Stitch on said:

    Oh oh! Could be addictive!

  4. We could probably all do with a bit of “crumb block therapy”. Thanks for sharing your lovely work. Avis x

  5. They look great. Are they close relatives of Gwen Marston’s liberated quilting?

  6. It’s the one time feeling “crumby” is a good thing. They are totally addictive for me. And I love love Bonnie Hunter’s blog.
    Your blocks look so cool Can…

  7. I keep my scraps in an old wash tub. Said tub is now full to overflowing. It really is time for me to get busy doing something with those scraps – so thanks for jump starting the process!

    • I know the feeling of overflow. It has to be a tiny piece before I throw it away. As a result, I’m buried in scraps! Enjoy making crumb blocks in between your Grandmother’s Choice blocks! 😉

  8. “And what if one of the scraps was, say, a Christmas fabric…in a non-holiday themed quilt. My quilting OCD wouldn’t let me do that. ” I can identify with that.

    Another temptation … great.

  9. Crumb blocking here I come!

  10. I know just how you feel, I have the same issue with colors. I will put a bunch of muted or same color hues together without a contrary color to make it pop. I’m learning and dealing. It’s all about letting go.

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