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My creative muse disappeared.  She skyed up, walked out, took a hike, flew the coop.  Like Elvis, she left the building….and headed for parts unknown leaving me with piles and stacks of projects.  I tried looking for her but I couldn’t find her.  I think she was on that ill-fated cruise ship that had to be towed into Alabama where she had a case of the vapors and took to her bed.  But I think it’s time she came home.

I know I took her for granted–started project after project–finishing few of them.  No wonder she left!  I wore her out.  I picked through my mountain of projects in various stages of completion hoping one would talk to me.  But none appealed to me and I couldn’t start a new one without her.

So I picked up my camera and began to photograph anything and everything.  Everything except quilts. Here are some of those photos.

As much as I love photography–freezing that split second in time forever–I love quilts just as much.

So, I’ve been venturing downstairs once again, looking at the piles of projects and trying to decide in which order to finish them.  Maybe, then, without the distraction of unfinished business, my muse will return.

Wait a minute!  I hear someone at the door!


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24 thoughts on “Musings….

  1. Don’t answer that door!!! Too late!?! Sometimes that “first step” is necessary (that’s the hardest/biggest one!). One you get going/immersed(?) you’ll be a lot better. You might need some sunshine/vit. D…..cabin fever???? It’s been a long hard season…..Spring is coming. The first Robin has been spotted near here….There’s hope!!!!! Hugs, Doreen

    • I’m all for skipping spring and going directly into summer…right now! I feel like I’m ready to sew again. Of course that’s when there isn’t time. 😦

      • Yup, summer is ‘outdoor’ time and, as much as I want it to come, I have so much sewing yet to complete! I’m thinkin’ I have to come up with handwork I enjoy or get my small sewing machine down to the camper so I can sit at the picnic table and piece!!!!

  2. I hope it was your quilting muse at the door… Hugs!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and your creative muse taking separate vacations. You’ll both be back together with renewed energy and ideas. I don’t think she left completely anyway…photography can be very inspiring and refreshing!

  4. Chin up little buckaroo – your muse hasn’t gone forever. It looks to me like you’ve kick started the creative process with your camera.

  5. I find just cleaning up my space, cleaning my sewing machine, pressing some fabric, puttting away all unfinished projects gets me going again!

    • Funny you should say that…I was just thinking that cleaning up the space might just be the ticket. It’s beginning to look a little bit cluttered and I think has reached the point that it bothers me. Maybe a little spring cleaning will do the trick!

  6. Muses are strange mistresses who can act like fair weather friends. I often find that when mine abandons me I turn to another (which usually comes in a form of a book, item in an antique shop or swap meet.) When my muse finally stops acting like a petulant child and returns, I’ve banged out something awesome which they cant take credit for. Dig deep, find your awesome and show that muse what they missed out on.

  7. Those snow pictures are so gorgeous. But I know what snow is…no thanks!!

    I have started two quilts I’m not certain I want to finish right now. So they will sit for a bit. I will probably work on them in the summer when I have no money. lol

    I keep walking past my New York Beauties. Thinking I want to dig into those again. I just might…

    It will come back to you. And I agree that your photography is bound to inspire you soon enough. 😉

  8. Is it your muse?

  9. basildonkitchens on said:

    Sometimes you just have to do something completely different – hope your muse returns soon 🙂

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