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That’s it!  I’m crying “Uncle!”.

hairI’m officially throwing in the towel on Grandmother’s Choice. I love my Grandma and I love all of the grandmas that fought so hard so I could vote and have equality.  But this grandmother is choosing to move on to another project.  I think I have sewn each block on this project at least twice.  And, no I’m not making two quilts.  I’m estimating that by the time I’ve cut and recut and sewn and “unsewn” that I’ve constructed each block at least twice….some of them more.  I don’t consider myself a quilting idiot but I just can’t get these blocks to turn out the correct size without stretching the bejesus out of them.  And then they’re all distorted.  I don’t know if it’s my measurements or if it’s her trying to fit a nine inch block into an eight inch square.  Don’t know.  I just know that I can’t be that bad every week.  I think I made the Capitol T block at least three times…literally.  The first one was not quite right so I tried it again.  The Flying Geese were flying out of formation!  Recut them…three times.  Resewed it and it was even smaller than the first.  I’m sooo tired of wasting good fabric.  So, I’m officially outta there!  Movin’ on up and all that good stuff…

If Barbara Brackman is reading this (and I’m pretty sure she isn’t. 🙂 ) I still love ya!  And I plan to sew along with the new Civil War block of the month tomorrow.  But quilting is supposed to be enjoyable and for me, this isn’t! 😦

Feel like a rookie…

Sometimes I feel like a raw rookie.  I’ve been quilting for a very long time and for the most part, I think I do a pretty darn good job!  But the last couple of weeks have been quite humbling.  In my last post, I showed you my Grandmother’s Choice block for the block of the week by the same name.  I tried to make poorly cut rectangles fit where they didn’t want to fit.   I should have known better.  Wait…I do know better.  I just thought I might get lucky this time.  Ha!  Don’t buy lottery tickets with this luck!  Then I decided I didn’t care so much for the fabric combination and was ready to toss it.  Some of you convinced me not to do that.  I fished it out of the trash and replaced the rectangles with ones that fit and a calmer fabric.  Now, I like it!

Looks a little less “nervous” and more calm.  I like this so much better.

Ready to move on to Week Two.  This block has me talking to myself.  I’ve pieced the first version three times and cut a second block that has the same issues.  This block has a “Y” seam.  I’ve pieced those seams before with little trouble.  Not this time!

Here’s Version One…third time through.

Click on the picture to get a better view of the mess!  You can see that the center is not square and it’s puffy.  The seams are not flat…they’re kind of folded over.  Not good.  I thought perhaps I just didn’t cut accurately.  So I thought I’d make another being very careful to cut accurately.  I reprinted the pattern and measured the center square piece as per the instructions.  The pattern piece for the square was the proper size.  So I cut fabric again…stitched and this is what I got.

It’s so frustrating!  This one was even worse!  I really think that the either the red triangles are just a bit too small or the center square is too big.  But my understanding is that if the center square measures accurately, the other pieces will fit.  So, is it pattern error or operator error?  I love both of these fabric combinations but I’m not sure I want to cut more fabric until I can figure it out.   Any tips on “Y” seams?

Just make myself feel better and remind myself that I don’t always screw up, here’s the snowman quilt I teased you with last week.

Week Three…here I come!


This is why you should not “multi-task” when quilting.The grandkids were over until mid-afternoon.  After I finished watching the ballgame (yes…they lost…dopes!), I went downstairs to sew.  My son decided to talk to me.  I know better.  I know I cannot carry on an extended conversation and sew.  I can barely chew gum and walk!  But, since time was limited, I decided to try anyway.  After I cut the first strip too narrow, I should have quit.  But I didn’t.  I cut the second strip too narrow.  I should have quit.  But I didn’t.  I read a quote that says “Every man is a fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”  I blew right past that limit on Sunday and never looked back!   I wish there had been a speed trap–maybe I would have stopped.  But, sadly, no.

My son left and I continued to work on this poor, little block.  I cut the rectangles as per the directions.  I just forgot that I had made a slight modification to the corner squares.  The rectangles were a “smidge” too long.  You would think I would have learned a lesson by now…recut them.  Nope…how much could a “smidge” hurt?  One might not hurt too much, but four could be painful.  And, that’s how I ended up with this lumpy, puffy mess.  And to add insult to injury, the fabric just didn’t go together as well as it had in my head.  I don’t know when I’ve made an uglier block..if I ever have.

I was going to remove the offending rectangles since that fabric didn’t fit visually or technically.  Then my younger son called to check in as he does every Sunday.  So, I put it down, turned out the light and walked away…hoping it would look better in the morning.  It didn’t.  And, now it’s here.  Out of sight…out of mind…out of my life.

Moral of this cautionary tale:

Measure twice, cut once and don’t talk!  🙂

Quilting can be a humbling experience!

Guess what I did….

I had a wonderful post planned for today….a finished project, a “tool tip”  and a tease.  I edited all of the photos on my computer downstairs and brought them into WordPress.  I carefully thought out the tidbits of wisdom that I was going to share with you later on this evening.  Then I exited the program and forgot to save the changes!  Isn’t that basic computer knowledge….save, save, save!  So, here I am upstairs on the laptop with words to type and wisdom to share and no photos and too lazy to start over tonight!  Darn I hate when that happens.

Here’s me wearing the dunce cap!! Not the first time either I might add!

I guess it will all have to wait until tomorrow.   🙂

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