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It’s a miracle!

While visiting a small town in South Dakota,  we drove past a quilt shop.  Later in the day we took walk down the street to visit.   And….wait for it….I didn’t buy snything!  Not one fat quarter.  Not one spool of thread.  Not one needle.  My husband is still stunned.  I may leave him stunned…he’s much quieter that way

In fairness, the shop was small and very nice.  Just didn’t have things in my “style .  It’s interesting how fabric trends are different in different areas.


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12 thoughts on “It’s a miracle!

  1. KrisR on said:

    oh I’m so CURIOUS about which town – which shop? 🙂 What did you see in SD?

    I know what you mean though….sometimes there just isn’t anything that floats my boat. (I always feel so bad when I walk out without buying something though.)

  2. I don’t believe you. LOL

  3. It is a miracle. I sometimes get it when there is too much to choose from. I get overwhelmed. Leave. Regret. Ho hum.

  4. Just found your blog & think you may be my kinda quilter. I have a studio full of UFOs that I will be resurrecting after 9/5/13 when I retire. In my defense, I started a long-arm quilting business when I first decided to retire (10 years ago), but continued to work full time. Rediscovering all the projects I’ve stored over the years will be like Christmas. Thanks for blogging.

    • I retire next June and I can’t wait! I don’t think I’ll e er finish my UFOs cuz I keep starting new ones! Too many ideas in my head! Thanks for stopping by!

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