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And here it is….

southwest…my paltry haul from my trip west.  Can you believe this?  Two shops and just this!  My second stop was at the Quilter’s Store in Sedona, Arizona where I found these.  Really nice shop also…just not my “stuff”.  But if you like batiks, this place is for you!  Nice ladies and great service.  I also purchased another pattern that didn’t make the team photo above because it had to be ordered.  It nearly beat me home!  I had it in less than a week.

The shop is for sale.  I told my husband that since he’s retired and I will be shortly we should buy it.  Go home, sell the house and buy the shop.  It would give us something to do and we could live in drop-dead gorgeous Sedona!  Sounds like win/win to me.  He just turned the radio up louder!  Go figure…..


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20 thoughts on “And here it is….

  1. mindingmomma on said:

    Sometimes you find a shop like that where nothing wants to come home with you.

  2. quilt32 on said:

    The cash and carry pouches look cute.

  3. Did you get any hexies done on your trip? 🙂 I started my hexie project this week – need to get some prep work done for traveling but think I have a plan.

    • I got four “flowers” done. The roads were a little bumpy. Last time I had them cut and ready to go. I had to mark the paper this time. The more prep you can get done, the easier it will be. Lesson learned.

  4. It isn’t very often that the purchases are few but there was the possibility of purchasing the whole shop!!!!! Out of 5 shops on a shop hop a week ago, 3 shops yielded fabric purchases. The others were marking pens, so I can totally understand! Hugs…….

    • Karen on said:

      Who wouldn’t Love Sedona!! What a Beautiful Place. I used to have a friend who lived there and worked in that very Quilt Shop. I ‘m getting a little worried about Quilt Shops in general. Went to 3 shops an hr. of so West of us, and 1 was closed, one closing and the other had nothing I was looking for. Hmmmmm, maybe I’m an old spoiled quilter!

      • Not spoiled…you just know what you want. As long as Ye Olde Schoolhouse stays open! I think it’s hard for a quilt shop. They need to have enough to try to please many different tastes and yet keep a financially stable variety. And many of us quilters are a little more conservative with our dollars.

      • Around here (MN,IA,WI) quilt shops seem to be flourishing. One (in Winona,MN) is moving to larger quarters soon as have several others in the last year. There are the diverse quilting styles exhibited at many, in their varying personalities. Thursday myself and 3 other gals will head to the shop(s) in Viroqua(WI) and 2 in Prairie du Chien. All are doing well. We will be bypassing many others, due to time constraints. I have wondered about other locations in the U.S. and how their shops are doing. AZ has been hit hard economically/housing, etc, and it’s spilled over in to other ventures, I’m sure.

    • I still want the shop! :-). And he’s still not listening! 🙂

  5. Strange, isn’t it how our husbands don’t seem to see the same opportunities that we see.:-)

  6. Are you quite sure that’s all you bought? Or is there a bit of smuggling going on? I speak as a guilty shopper myself! 🙂

    • Oh I’m the queen of the smugglers! However, the hubby was with me so it was difficult to smuggle anything past him. So, yeah, as hard as it to believe, it’s all I bought!

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