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It’s here!

My cabinet was supposed to be shipped on Friday and delivered next week.  I planned on organizing the palace this weekend.  I came home from work Wednesday afternoon and hit the couch for a well-deserved nap when there came a knock on the door and my husband answered.  I was expecting a new light for my new cabinet.  The light doesn’t come in four boxes.  Mr. Fed Ex Guy kept bringing in boxes.  We closed the door and stared at the boxes.  No nap today.  The best laid plans…..

We sprang into action.  I went into the palace and opened the closet door.  I nearly wept with frustration.  Oh dear!  So  many boxes and piles.  I started to pull down boxes from the top shelf labeled with #2 son’s  ten year old penmanship.  They were filled with crap baseball cards.  Not wanting to be the mother that accidentally throws away a potential fortune, I called him.  We went over each box–want it or not?  Not too many “no”s.  Hmmm…this wasn’t going to be easy.  I asked him about a particular game and he informed me that it wasn’t even his.  So I’ve been storing someone else’s stuff for twelve years!  As if I don’t have enough stuff of my own to store!  We decided what would make the trek with us this summer and what would wait and vacation with us next year.  I gained a half of a shelf.

Packed up the magazines and hauled them out before I could change my mind.  I did find some old flour sacks and 50s era kitchen linens and embroideries.  Kept them.  Put UFOs that are in the “dream” stage–pattern, fabric thread, no stitches (essentially “kits”) into a pile.  I piled the true UFOs together so I know where each and every one is.  I also found a stack of orphan blocks that I can use for fmq practice.  Now, I can open the door and see what I have.  It’s still jam-packed but it’s organized chaos!

Convinced the husband to order pizza for dinner so we could continue working.  Moved out the cutting table and the old computer table.  Moved my current sewing table to the other side of the room for my computer.  That was a challenge because the table is actually a big corner unit and there wasn’t a whole lot of room to turn it.  But after several bad words (my husband even made some up when he ran out of the standards) and some smashed appendages, it’s found its new home.  Set up the computer, turned off the light and had a glass of wine.  Whew!  I was tired!

So here are the last photos I took in there before the “renovation” began.  The Gettysburg Sun is coming along nicely.  I have two spots where I didn’t stitch in the ditch very well.  Looked like I fell into the ditch once too often.  I totally roamed.  When I feel like something doesn’t look right, I walk away from it and the next day the mistakes are not so glaring.  Coming back two days later , these still jumped out at me.  There’s nothing to do for it now except to “unsew” them.  I don’t think I’ll be happy with the quilt if I don’t.  So “unsew” I will!  😦

Here’s hoping I’ll have things back in place soon and the “magic” will once again flow from the palace!


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10 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Anxious to see your newly organized studio!

  2. Fun ain’t it? I am still tweaking mine. 🙂

  3. Wow! Talk about prompt!!! Always happens when you think you might have some “breathing room”!!! Your Gettysburg Sun quilt is lovely. I have become quite adept at talking myself out of “unsewing” lately!!! Nothing I make is intended to be shown to a judge so I allow myself to take a break then continue til finished THEN assess the situation to see IF some picking is, indeed, warranted. I have found that my perspective is a great deal different after the quilt is finished and washed/dried and crinkly!!! I enjoy the process a lot more, too, and am more relaxed and, because of that, find I do better quilting!!! Go figure!!!! Wish I could be there to help you…..nothing on my calendar this weekend at all! Take your vitamins…hehe! Think “Super Hero”!!!!! Uber hugs, Doreen

  4. basildonkitchens on said:

    How exciting – take lots of pictures!

  5. Sybil on said:

    Oh how I love a good organization project. I’d be there helping too if closer! Or maybe I’d just stop by with cookies or cake and admire your work. 🙂

    Love your Gettysburg Sun quilt.

    • That’s the best way to help…bring food! I just spoke with my hubbie and he’s missing parts. I mean from the cabinet. It’s well documented that he’s missing a few screws. 🙂 So it will probably be Monday before it’s completed. But we have a few other things that we’re going to try in that room. So maybe we can get that finished.

  6. Can’t wait to see the result of all your hard work.

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