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Covered by Glory

Saturday, my husband and I took a road trip to Waterloo, Iowa to see the Covered by Glory quilt exhibit at the Grout Museum.   Five hours one way…worth it to see quilts!!  We first visited the Veteran’s Museum.  It was an interactive museum that traces Iowan soldiers from the Civil War to the present.  You’re given a dog tag at the entrance and you are that soldier throughout the museum.  At many exhibits, you can scan that tag to find out how the conflict affected you.  I learned something that I still find hard to believe.  Apparently only 25% of men fighting in Viet Nam were drafted.  That number seems low and I may have to check that out.  I know that has nothing to do with quilts, but I found it interesting. We spent about ninety minutes there and then on to the quilt exhibit.

In a previous post, I wrote about being too timid to ask about taking photos and many of you encouraged me to at least ask at the museum!  So, I put my camera in my purse and when we entered the museum I asked if photography was allowed. The woman behind the counter said no one had ever asked that before so she asked someone else and I was told photography was OK without a flash.  When we arrived at the quilt exhibit, there was a sign that said No Photography.  Darn!!  Now, my husband and I are people who always follow the rules.  Everyone else is breaking them and there we are watching them get ahead and we putz along following the rules.  So I pointed to the sign and my husband says  “She said you could without a flash”.  We were the only people in the exhibit and I made the decision to take pictures.  I know that flash will harm the fabric, but no flash will do no damage.  It’s just so rare to see Civil War era quilts….   I will apologize in advance for the quality.  Museum light is not the best for flashless photography and it was a pretty small area and I couldn’t always get the best angle.  Not my best work….

The quilt exhibit was quilts from the Civil War and tribute quilts made since then. There were not many actual Civil War quilts in the exhibit…there are very few in existence.  Those that were exhibited were not in pristine condition but I can imagine the stories that they could tell!  There were two Rose of Sharon quilts hung side by side that were interesting.  One was the original made in 1866 and the other was a modern version.  The modern version was made from patterns that were traced from the original.  The maker made a few changes but it was interesting to see them side by side.  There were two embroidered quilts that were made by the Women’s Relief Corps right after the war.  Many of the quilts were modern miniature quilts made with the reproduction fabrics.  A few quilts from the Civil War Diary book and a couple of Dear Janes.  (I am in awe of anyone who finishes a Dear Jane.  That is quite an accomplishment!)   There was an interesting story with one of the quilts about a young girl (three years old) who was very upset that her big brother was going off to war.  He promised her he would come back and bring her a china doll. He didn’t come back but soon a box came in the mail with a china doll inside. Years later, she was talking with a Civil War veteran and he told her the story of a young soldier that he met.  The soldier was dying and told the veteran how he had promised his little sister a china doll and after the soldier passed, the veteran bought a doll and sent it to the young girl.  It certainly brought a tear to my eye.  Even though the exhibit was small, it was definitely worth the trip.  The exhibit is open until September.

Enjoy the slideshow!!

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34 thoughts on “Covered by Glory

  1. Well worth the long trip! It is incredible that they have all lasted so long in such good condition 🙂

  2. quilt32 on said:

    Beautiful slideshow – thank you for sharing.

  3. mary on said:

    Wow! I enjoyed that. Pretty neat stuff

  4. Wow! I really like the colors and I’m surprised at how vibrant they are! I’m glad you sneaked your photos! Well worth it! And thanks for sharing……

  5. I’m so glad you decided to take these pictures! I think you did a great job, even with the low lighting! I love seeing where we, as quilters, have come from! These are amazing treasures!!!! Thanks for sharing them and the stories with us Candy!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! What a fabulous opportunity! The story about the little girl and the china doll is so bittersweet!

  7. I’m so glad you took the pictures and shared them! What a fabulous sideshow. Thank you!

  8. Great slide show! I never use flash……colors turn out so much better without it and your pics are great! Thanks….

  9. Karen on said:

    Thanks for sharing your Trip with us. We truly enjoyed the Quilts. Your pics were very good and clear. Maybe we learned something about No Flash!

  10. Very lovely – really envy you! But what’s a Dear Jane quilt?

    • Dear Jane is a quilt made by quilter Brenda Papadakis. She saw the original in a museum and received permission to examine it loser to reproduce it. The original quilt was made by Jane Stivkle during the Civil War and contained 225 4 inch blocks. Whew! Here’s a link to Brenda’s website.

  11. basildonkitchens on said:

    Thanks for sharing – great photos….I love old quilts and these look like they are in really good shape for the times they have travelled through.

  12. Thanks to your husband from my wife and I. We try and go see as many as we’re able to with our busy schedules and it was nice to look at your slideshow together and read your story at these beautiful quilts.

  13. I love the slide show. If you were told at the front you could take them, you were right to do so and without flash is definitely best. I see you use WordPress and I’d like to ask you about how you did the slide show on WordPress. Could you email me maybe? I didn’t see an email address for you on the blog; maybe missed it.
    Thanks, Marsha

    • Went to your blog and couldn’t find an email for you. Making a slideshow is easy! After you upload your photos,scroll dow3n to the bottom. There are two buttons there. One says insert gallery and the other says insert slideshow. Click on Insert Slideshow. Here’s the big drawback to it…it will insert all the photos uploaded for that particular post into the slideshow. You can’t pick and choose which photos go into the slideshow. Hope this helps!

  14. Gorgeous! They are both beautiful and inspiring.

    Thanks for being so brave by asking to take the pics and sharing them. Worth it!

  15. Sybil on said:

    Thanks Candy for sharing. Looks like it was an awesome show. My favorite is the green and white applique….no,…the pink and brown……no……the….lol….oh never mind!

  16. These are such masterpieces. I love (and make) utilitarian quilts with big blocks and large-scale prints, and very little quilting – but these quilts reminded me what is possible and what gorgeousness can be achieved. I’m inspired.

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