Decide what to be and go be it.


peaceEvery once in a while you have to step outside of your comfort zone.  Not saying you have to take a giant leap…but every once in a while you have to tip-toe away from what’s comfortable.  So, I walked away from my reproduction prints for a project.

Mickey Depre (of Pieced Hexie fame!) was at our guild meeting.  She shared some of her bright, fun quilts.  I thought…Hey! I could do that.  Yeah…but did I want to.  The next day at work, I kept doodling this little wall hanging idea.  Hmmm….it needed brights.  Civil War prints are anything but bright.  My considerable stash wasn’t going to be very helpful.  So I knew I had to beg, borrow and steal from my sister and MiniQuilter.  I knew if I asked MQ she’d let me shop in her stash.  But if she said no, I guess I’d just steal when  she wasn’t looking. 😉  Even though it wasn’t really my style, I drew up the design and started to cut shapes.  Here’s what I came up with:

hippieCan you tell I channelled my inner hippie with this one?  Definitely not my usual stuff.  Bright colors and applique no less!

Got it all pieced together and started to cut away some of the background and guess what!

hippie2I cut away a little bit too much!!  Enlarge the photo and see what I mean.

I laid the quilt on the floor to take these photos and something just doesn’t look right. Like a bolt out of the blue I see it!  The darn “a” is backwards.  My husband says “Change it.”  I say “Peace out, man.  It’s just doin’ it’s own thing.”


I’m thinking about maybe adding some crystals in the upper left.

Now, here’s my question….do you think it needs another small border?  Maybe something a little less busy?


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23 thoughts on “Hippie

  1. I love it just the way it is!

  2. OMGosh!! It’s so cool! I love it. And I love how you just let go of the booboo with the “peace out- just doing its own thing”. Good call!!!! You inspire me to step out too. lol

    • Recognize any of those piano keys? 🙂

      • I did! Happy to share them. I know you and I together couldn’t make a lap size quilt with our brights combined. lol I am starting to see a need to build a small bright stash of fabrics for scrapping. Bonnie Hunter’s “Easy Street” did that for me. I loved the combo of black on white fabrics with brights.
        Great job on this “peace out” quilt. Doesn’t it feel good to go rogue with a quilt piece? lol

        • Goin’ rogue…I like that! Right now, I just steal from the kid when I need brights. When we were in Fort Lauderdale I thought I could find brights but I couldn’t. They just had modern prints…not necessarily the same thing. But I may start to pick some up.

          • Yeah…modern fabrics are not quite the same. The new quilt shop here has such an interesting variety of fabrics. Everyone can find something there. I picked up a few modern fq’s to send to Patty. I almost kept them. lol Funny how that is…this immediate feeling of connection to fabric. lol

  3. Maybe a binding in denim? (or a denim-look fabric, since real denim would probably be too heavy to handle.)

    • That’s a good idea! A denim look would totally fit. Too bad I can’t do a bell bottom binding. But wait…sometimes my binding is a little “belled”.

  4. It is perfect just the way it is. I love the backwards a, I have a Christmas wall hanging that has a backwards letter.

  5. Looks terrific! Now I have visions of volkswagons with wings. LOL!

  6. I love the whole thing especially the oops! It makes it very interesting.

  7. This is so cute Candy! When I first started swapping on flickr I didn’t like brights. At all. Every partner I had liked brights. So I bought a couple of fat quarters. Then a couple more. Then people started sending me brights. I was like, “oooo-kay”. Before long I’m thinking they’re not so bad… Now I l.o.v.e. them! It is so funny to see the progression from my likes when I started to my likes now! This is simply fabulous! I’d love a thin black border, or even black binding. Or heck, audition zebra stripes! XOXO 🙂

  8. Just a solid binding and it’s good! Love your comment on the “a”…..totally;-b Hugs, Doreen

  9. KrisR on said:

    Love it. And, I’m with everyone else…..no additional border needed.

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