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Catching up….

When last we spoke, I was bemoaning the fact that my creative muse up and hit the road!  I believe she has found her way back to me.  Welcome back, little muse!

It’s funny how things can make you think of quilts.  I was driving home from work a few weeks back and heard “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor on the radio.  It made me think of a quilt I made a while back.  It was back in the day when I (and many others) was enamoured by the Jane Stickell quilt.  I was determined that I was going to make one for myself…all 200 plus tiny blocks.  How hard could it be?  Pretty hard actually.   At least pretty time-consuming.  Then I saw where others were making smaller versions….Baby Janes.  I could do that!  And I did.  The song kept going through my head ….. “deep greens and blues are the colors you choose”.  So I chose deep greens and blues and made my own little Baby Jane.  Here’s my Sweet Baby Jane.

baby_jamesLast summer, my sister and I made another quilt for the veteran’s home.   It was my job to quilt it.  I was going to fmq on my Bernina but I was talked into using my Juki on the frame.  I’ve discussed my Juki/frame here before…when it works, it’s wonderful!  When it doesn’t, I make up swear words.  Let me tell you, I made up some doozies!  It began by lulling me into a false sense of security…things went rather smoothly for a while.  I was flying!  Then the thread started to break.  I’m OK with a little thread breakage…not every six inches.  Then the machine started to drag.  It was hanging up on the frame somehow.  Couldn’t figure it out.  The answer soon emerged when the crazy carriage fell off the rails.  Think that was what was dragging? 🙂  It took my husband and I a half an hour to get it back on track.  Started to stitch again and got the mother of all thread nests.  It was a nest for an ostrich!  Walked away from it for a week.  Came back and tried to remove the nest.  I had to cut it from the quilt and then take the  machine apart to remove all of the thread.  Cleaned it, oiled it and guess what!  It stitched really pretty after that.  We have a love/hate relationship!

charityHere’s the quilt.  I’m sure that all of my aggravation will be appreciated.

bookAnd last, but not least, I’ve jumped on the hexie bandwagon.  Given my aversion to hand sewing I was sure this parade would pass me by.  Then Mickey Depre came to our guild meeting.  If you haven’t seen her Pieced Hexie book click here and take a peek!  I stitched these all the way to Fort Lauderdale and back last week.  They really are fun….and addictive.  Begin at your own risk!!

hexiesAny other late-comers want to join me on the hexie bandwagon?

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14 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Wow! Our scrappy veteran quilt looks awesome!

    These hexies everyone is talking about…hard? Remember I can sew a diamond as I learned over and over again with Barbara. lol

  2. Awesome post! I love a mini Jane! I have numerous blocks from swaps when I was in the DJ groups on Yahoo… And your veteran quilt looks great!!! Glad you got your muse back! Everyone needs a little MoJo now and then…

  3. I really think your Juki is “hormonal”!!! I truly am glad your ‘muse’ is back!! Love the hexies and the DJ is awesome!! Blessings, Doreen

    • I agree! I’m just not convinced it’s the machine. She sews beautifully off the frame. I think I must be doing something wrong on the frame. Maybe too taut or something. Problem is this…I don’t want to try things out on a quilt and ruin it And I don’t want to throw a big “sandwich” on the frame and play because I really don’t have time. Such a dilemma! 🙂

      • I most definitely see your point! How very interesting(?) and curious!! Especially since it is the machine of choice for this business/frame located in the UK: http://www.machinequilter.co.uk/ I don’t know if you are familiar with this product. I was going to go this direction but decided to get the Sweet 16 as a separate unit. I hope there is a solution in your immediate future! Hugs, Doreen

  4. I’m glad your little muse has returned! I love the Sweet Baby Jane quilt. Your antics with the Juki was entertaining, I bet you didn’t think so. I too love hexies and watched Micky Dure’s Pieced Hexie Class on Craftsy. I need to pick up the book. Yeah, I have already been bit!

    • Nope…was not entertaining. 🙂 But it keeps life interesting!

      I was tempted to take her Craftsy class. I found that buying her acrylic templates was very helpful! Hexies are great to stitch in the car and while I’m watching the ball game. Hopefully, I’ll get alot of them stitched this summer.

  5. Gorgeous as ever. And I felt for you with the breaking thread and the machine cleaning. Missing stitches because of an old blunt needle about the only other one to contribute!

  6. KrisR on said:

    I am SO tempted by the hexi craze…..struggling to decide whether to order the book and start now or wait until I get to the USA later in the year! It would make a good travel project. Then there is the whole ‘what fabric palette should I use’ dilemma.

    Glad your muse returned. I’m hoping mine is out and about later today when I head out to the little house for a few hours.

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