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One more down!

Last year, my husband and I took a trip to Shipshewanna where I purchased this church window.  I liked the shape of it and I could see an old quilt behind it.

open_window I took it home and put it away for another day.  It was a good idea when we bought it but then I had to actually do something with it.  I’m not one to cut up old quilts…even if I had one.  So, I knew I would have to make something.  There it goes….up on the Later Tater pile!

Then I fell in love with hexies.  So I began to make hexies.  What to do with the hexies I was making?  The church window came to mind so I stitched enough hexies to fit behind the window.  I stitched all the way to Florida and back.  A long as I was stitching with the window in mind, my husband stopped asking me when I was going to do something with it.

hexiesThey were finally pieced.   I knew they needed to be quilted.  This was a perfect opportunity to practice free motion quilting.  It was a nice, big piece, it had a purpose and it would hang above the front door so no one would ever be close enough to see mistakes!  Win-win!

I quilted on this piece for about three hours and when it was done, I thought it looked pretty darn good!

quitingAs soon as the quilting was done, I wanted to staple it to the back of the window.  My sweet husband gave me the staple gun.  I actually thought he would staple it for me.  Ha! Who was I kidding!  He sat in the recliner and offered direction.  I was tempted to use the staple gun on his lips but thought better of it.

windowNow it’s finished…  At least my part is finished.  It’s up to him to figure out how to hang it on the wall.  Let’s see how long it takes him….



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27 thoughts on “One more down!

  1. It’s fabulous — what a great idea!
    And I almost fell off my chair laughing at your description of the staple gun part. Sounds familiar!

  2. Wow! I love your hexie design. Did you make them with paper behind? I was giggling at you staple gun moment. Now I know how my OH feels LOL!

  3. KrisR on said:

    Candy – that is gorgeous! I love every bit of it – the hexies, the window, the staple gun story. 🙂 You had a VERY productive weekend.

    • Yes, it was productive! We actually had a Father’s Day BBQ and a small graduation party for my oldest son who has graduated at last! 🙂

  4. I love it! The colors and the age of the frame complement each other so well. I love how you figured no one would ever see your free-motion quilting too!
    Sometimes things just have to percolate for a while until you come up with the perfect creation!

  5. quilt32 on said:

    I haven’t been to Shipshewanna for many years. Your piece is just perfect in every way. I also liked the staple gun part.

  6. Ditto Cathy’s comment!!!! ROFL!!! Great post!! and a great idea!!! Hugs, Doreen

  7. Oh I love it! Great job. 🙂

  8. Karen on said:

    Very Pretty! You should be so proud: pretty, finished and you did the stapeling!

  9. It looks fantastic. What a great idea, and what a great eye you have. So glad you made rather than cutting up.

  10. I really don’t like cutting up. I have a few quilts that belonged to mu husband’s grandmother and even though they really aren’t usable, I can’t cut them up.

  11. myolivebranch on said:

    Very cool!

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