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Baa, baa black sheep…

…have you any wool?

Any wool appliquers out there?

I decided I needed something to do with my hands while watching my beloved White Sox circle the drain on a daily basis.  Something to keep me away from all the sharp objects in the kitchen.  I decided on this pattern:

patternThe fact that I’ve really never done much applique didn’t deter me.  So, I’ve been collecting wool for this project.  WOW! Not an inexpensive venture!

basketThis is my first really big jump into wool applique.  I love this pattern but the directions are rather vague.   I’m assuming (yeah, I know…bad idea!) that I would proceed like any other applique project—block by block.  Should I stabilize the back?  Would that make it harder to embroider later on?  Floss or perle cotton?

So many questions!  Does anyone have any tips for this woolen rookie?

Yikes!  Hang on to your hats!  Another adventure!

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9 thoughts on “Baa, baa black sheep…

  1. quilt32 on said:

    I’ve never worked with wool so I can’t offer any suggestions. It looks interesting, though.

    Although we’re in Cincinnati Reds country, my youngest daughter has always been a Cubs fan and I’ve heard her lament quite a bit this season.

  2. Mariners fan here. Hubby is a Yank. My team has been ‘circling the drain’ for quite a few years now, but my hope is eternal.

  3. At least the Sox finally won a world series… I have to forgive my team each year after because at least they won in my lifetime which is a lot more than some fans get to see. I really need to keep my hands busy by completing the binding on a finished quilt, but procrastination has me in her grasp…

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