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The Mad Quilter

I went downstairs to my sewing palace today and realized how completely unorganized I am!  I sew in a state of controlled chaos.  The  most amazing thing is that it doesn’t really bother me.  Well, it begins to bother me when I can’t see the tops of any tables or desks.  Where would I put my new fabric?  🙂  But then I decide I’d rather sew than organize.  I organized the room…once.  It didn’t stay that way.  Besides, it’s so unfair!  This is the room where everything ends up.  What’s that?  It’s my books and magazines and “stuff”?  Hmph!

My husband (God love him) is a neat freak.  When he dares to enter the palace, I can feel his blood pressure rise and his stomach tighten.  He usually comes down with a pile of “stuff” that he leaves on the cutting table.  Hey!  I left that magazine in the kitchen for a reason!  The reason being, of course, that there’s no room for it here!

I read one time that creativity is rarely neat.  That being said, I must be as creative as they come!  Since I don’t have the time I wish I had to sew, I sew in a flurry.  I have more than one project going at any one time and I jump back and forth. So, therefore, I have piles of fabrics and patterns and threads setting out waiting for their turn when the spirit moves me.  I have to see the things I want to do next….out of sight, out of mind.  I need for the future projects to be visible so that I can touch them, read the directions, look at the pictures and assure them that their time is coming soon.

I envy the neatniks.  I wish I could be one of them.  On the rare occasions the palace is neat and organized, it only stays that way until I glance at the clock and realize I only have a short time left in there.  I fire up the after burners and then the scissors fly!

So, what kind of  quilter are you?  What does your quilting space look like?


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13 thoughts on “The Mad Quilter

  1. The Modern Home Economist on said:

    Haha. It is so funny how different people are. I just wrote about this on my blog yesterday. You may find it entertaining. http://themodernhomeeconomist.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/quilting-ideas-inspiration-and-design/

  2. My work space is a mess as well. I can never find anything. There are times when I think I’m going mad. I juggle far too many projects at once. I plan to streamline the To-Do List a little because nothing is getting finished. You’ve heard of the Mad Professor well I’m the Mad Longarm Quilter.

  3. I have a corner in the living room since my home isn’t massive enough for me to have my own room…I try to unpile the piles monthly just so I don’t purchase duplicate fabric when I can’t find that one…ya know…that one that goes with this…with the dots…UGH…

  4. You’re hilarious! 😀
    I am like you – projects have to be out for me to see or I forget about them! But this can drive my hubs crazy because the desk where I quilt is also our office… hmmm…
    So I think I compromise and let myself make a huge mess while I sew, then tidy up as best I can and hide the stuff I don’t need in drawers and under tables when I finish. It does make me feel better to see a neat sewing room, but it’s sure fun to work in the flurry and see the fabric fly! 😉

  5. quilt32 on said:

    I just had my two great-grandchildren tell me last night that my sewing room is “messy” and when was I going to clean it up! I try to straighten up between projects but it just gets messy again and doesn’t bother me at all.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I’m a messy all over the house crafter too! However, I do a proper tidy up between projects and I only have one project on the go at any one time 🙂

  7. “I read one time that creativity is rarely neat.” —- Oh, that makes me feel so much better! I am not neat when it comes to sewing.

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