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I love a new beginning….

I love starting new projects.  I just have trouble finishing them.  When I go into my sewing room, I always intend to work on finishing something.  But then I get like that cat that sees a sun ray on the floor…bat, bat, batting at it.  So easily distracted.  Oh, don’ t those fabrics look good together.  What can I do with them?   And I’m off and running with a new shiny thing.

I know that I can never have the discipline to finish one thing before I start another.  I just have too much churning around in my brain and everyday I have less and less time and I just have to see how this might look.  The birth of a new project.  But I firmly believe it’s the birth of a new project that keeps my mind fresh.

Yesterday I saw that I had too many projects in various states of completion.  Something had to give.  And I know I can’t stop myself from starting something new.  I’m sweating just thinking about it!  I have convinced myself to finish one project every month.  So here is my Completion #1–my inner hippie quilt that I believe I’ll call Peace Out, Man.

quiltIn this post, I told you why I stepped out of my box and made this.   I finished the piecing and applique and hit the brick wall I always hit–how to quilt it.  Free motion quilting and I are not best buddies.  We try to be and we’re cordial but we aren’t friends.  I suppose it’s because I haven’t taken the time to really get to know him.  (It must be him because he’s so aggravating! 🙂 )  I love to piece but don’t really like to actually quilt.  So, I delay the inevitable until the very last possible minute.  I’m told the key to FMQ is practice, practice, practice.  But since I set aside completed tops in hopes that the quilting fairy comes in and quilts them at night while I’m sleeping (she doesn’t), I don’t practice much.  Each time I decide to FMQ, I’m starting over.  So, on this quit I decided to practice feathers…once again.  I have not given up on feathers!  I feel like the details and stippling in the center of the quilt look pretty good.

close_upI saw the improvement from first feathers to last.   Not my best work, but at least they look like feathers!

feathersThere’s hope for me after all!  But, most importantly, one down and who knows how many to go!

My last post was buried in the reader so I’ll ask this again.

threadSee the pretty notch?  When I’m FMQ-ing, the thread sometimes gets caught in there.  Usually it’s when I’m on a good roll.  I wish thread companies would do away with them.  But until they do, are there any remedies out there?


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15 thoughts on “I love a new beginning….

  1. KrisR on said:

    I know what you mean about finished projects. ugh. I’m actually doing pretty good on my GET IT FINISHED list. I decided to give myself 6 months to get some projects done before starting new ones. It SORTA works. I’ve started a few new ones but mostly been in finishing mode. I think your one-a-month finish goal sounds great!

    Truly though – I’m chomping at the bit to start something new. Maybe today? 🙂

    As far as the thread spool…..can you just put it upside down? Or backwards depending upon how the spool sits on your machine? Or perhaps I’m not understanding the problem. My latest thread problem is that I bought some Rasant thread and it won’t fit on my machine – it’s too long for the spool holder so I have to use my stand-alone spool holder.

    • I’d never make six months without starting something new. I’d be whimpering in a corner!

      I’ve tried turning it upside down but it still catches. I’m thinking I might try the emory board suggestion. It’s so frustrating…you’re quilting along and then bang! It gets caught and you stop! Kind of like pulling a dog’s chain.

  2. I know what you mean about going to the sewing space and getting side tracked!! Do it all the time. I might even start tidying an area and pretty soon I’m totally off my goal of sewing (nothing against straightening up a bit but I don’t get to the sewing!). Some of the newer spools don’t have that slice but I just turn the spool upside down or use an emery board to file it smooth!! Good luck!

  3. Doesn’t everyone start new projects before finishing the last? I am trying to finish some things up this year but I keep seeing all these QAL’s that look soooo tempting….. An emeryboard sounds like it might work. I am glad a lot of the new threads don’t have that pesky notch.
    Keep practicing those feathers and they will get better.

  4. I so love that “peace out” quilt!

    I have way too many quilt tops ready to be quilted. I like you have decided to have 1-2 finishes each month. It takes the stress off of my pile. 😉 And by finishes that can simply mean getting a quilt to quilt top stage.

  5. I love how your thread choice complements the quilt and adds extra interest.
    I have lots of problems with the notch too. My previous sewing machine had a great plastic cap that held the thread away from the top of the spool, but in my current machine the thread lays horizontally and sometimes catches. I hope you find a great solution and share it!

    • Thanks! I love that thread. I think it’s called Pixels from Signature. What I like about it is that the color changes are erratic. So the color changes are not predictable and adds some interest.

      I’m thinking maybe if I turn my spool cap upside down it might help. It wouldjust be easier if it wasn’t there in the first place!

  6. I agree completely. I would love to be one of those people who starts something and then sees it right through to the end. But I have loads of projects in various stages of completion and have just got used to stuff hanging around!

    With regard to free motion quilting my best advice is to go fast. You definitely get the smoothest curves if you build up a head of steam. Some people recommend a glass of wine, but flying needles and alcohol seem to me to be a very dubious combination.

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