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Thinking outside the box

As much as I wanted to sew last weekend, I didn’t.  Not because I didn’t want to…but because I had to catch up.

One of the things I had to catch up on was my photography class.  I realized that I had a class on Monday and nothing to show.  Got out the old camera and fired away with the shutter!  Then I had a plethora of photos to edit.  I’m a slow editor since I’m still not completely comfortable with the process.  I click the Preview button in Photoshop to see what impact my editing has had on the image.  It’s like having an eye test–which looks better…A..click or B..click.  So many decisions!  Here are two images that I played with and was happy with the result.

Since this is a quilting blog, I have a quilt related idea.  Uh oh!  Ideas can be dangerous!  I’m looking to step out of my comfort zone.  I never do pictorial quilts, but I think I  may like to try one.  I feel “drawn” to the tree image.  Here’s where the trouble begins!  I know enough about myself to know a couple of things for certain.

  • I’m no artist, so painting this image on fabric is a joke.  Unless I want a Picasso kind of look!  (Which I don’t )
  • I’m not much of an appliquer–so cutting little leaves is out of the question.

I’m thinking of transferring the image onto fabric through my printer.  I don’t have very much experience with this technique.  I’ve used the letter sized pre-treated fabric pieces.  I don’t like the stiffness of the fabric.  And I would be limited by the size.  I have a wide format printer so I could go larger than letter sized.  Has anyone had any experience with this technique?  I know I can Google it but I’m looking for someone who has actually done this and can hold my hand!  🙂

See…I can see this with fancy threads, maybe some couching, definitely some beading.  OK…I’m scaring myself!!


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14 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box

  1. I have tried a couple of different printer fabrics. I like the InkJet Printing by Jacquard (I think I got it at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) better than the Avery Printable Cotton. Also dharmatrading.com has TONS of printer fabric choices, including a roll of wide-format cloth.

    I printed 3 x 5 images and framed them in with log cabin style strips. I like the effect, but I haven’t actually finished that project!

    • Is the InkJet Printing treated so it doesn’t run if it gets wet?

      • The Avery product says it can be handwashed with mild detergent. The Jacquard product says to wait 24 hours after printing before any rinsing. I just ran hot water on my little blocks (that I printed out over a year ago) and they didn’t run at all.

        I’m right with you on the imagery issues – I’m inspired by nature, but don’t want to try to perfectly reproduce it. I want to create things that evoke nature, without being too pictorial – but I don’t have any great ideas on how to achieve that!

        • Thanks for the info on the fabrics.

          I’m not a great idea person, either. I’m so impressed with those that are. I’m a great “follower”..not much of a leader.

  2. OMG! You are scaring me too! Congratulations on branching out and taking a Photography class – good for you!

  3. I think that’s a great idea! How about this? Try it on a small scale so you can work out the kinks before you commit to a big project?! Plus, if you like it, you’ll have a nice little art quilt you can send to me! LOL!

  4. I think ruthiequilts has excellent advice! I’ve never printed on fabric, so I’m gonna follow this adventure with interest for sure! It sounds like fun!

    If you have access to a projector, then you can project an image to the size you want and trace it onto your fabric. Or, you can take your photo to a copy shop to have it enlarged. Or you could scan it into your computer, enlarge your photo, and print it out. I have printed out a tiled image, taped the pages together, and then traced it onto my fabric.

    • I can enlarge the image in Photoshop. I never thought about tiling the image, That’s something to think about. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. basildonkitchens on said:

    Don’t be scared – jump in and try something – if you don’t like the result, figure out what it is you didn’t like and try another approach. Quilting is very forgiving – it is us who are so demanding! Relax and have fun. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

    • That’s great advise! I know because I give that advise to others. Why is it we can encourage others and back off of our good advise when it pertains to us? I really think I’m just gonna jump in. What can it hurt? If it’s not for me, it’s just not for me and I’ll move on. 🙂

  6. swissangel68 on said:


    I’ve done a good bit of testing with printing on fabric. My favourite technique is using a solution called Bubble Jet Set. You soak the fabric you want to use in it, dry, then iron on a piece of wax paper (shiny side down on the back of the fabric). Cut paper & fabric to the size you want. Set printer to specialty paper (like thick cardstock) and run it (usually from the back, not the tray) through. Print high quality resolution for best results. Let dry (12-24 hrs). Heat set with a hot dry iron. Peel paper off and violà! You’ve got your design, just as you want, on the fabric you want. It won’t run and won’t stiffen the fabric. My best results were on cotton sateen but I’ve also used silk. That makes for a beautiful picture too. Very clear. Because it’s silk, it will ravel more than cotton. Anyway, just my two cents. Feel free to email me if you want more details or help with it. 🙂 Happy printing! Elita

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