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Time waits for no man….

…or quilter for that matter!  I look at books, I read blogs and everyone seems to be so much more productive than I am.  While others stitch, I dream of stitching.  While they quilt, I wish I could.  Today, I was reading Kathleen Tracy’s blog post at The Sentimental Quilter about a Civil War basket doll quilt.  Such a sweet little quilt.  The members of her Yahoo group are making this quilt for the March challenge.  I want to make it so badly.  I have everything I need…fabric, book, pressing bars for the basket handles.  Oh yeah…I don’t have time.  (Insert heavy sigh here.)

Oh poor me!  I don’t have time.  BooHoo!  But wait a minute!  Don’t we all have the same 24 hours every day?  I believe so.  So, why can “they” find time to sew and all I can do is find time to feel sorry for myself?  Oh wait!  Could it be the find time part of the equation?  Hmmmm…

So what’s the problem here?  First roadblock…work, job.  Necessary evil…no job, no fabric.  Oh, other people have jobs, too?  And they accomplish things?  My work day ends at 3:15.  There is plenty of time in the afternoon to sew if I choose.

Second hurdle…the grandkids are over a few afternoons a week.  Seriously, I cannot sew with two eight year olds wreaking havoc and well…just being eight year olds.  Sometimes, MiniQuilter wants to sew and we lock ourselves in my sewing palace.  But she gets to sew and I don’t.  No biggie, really.  I love teaching her and watching her skills grow.

Third obstacle…the husband.  For whatever reason, when he’s home I sometimes feel as though I should sit with him.  Trust me, he’s old enough to take care of himself and does a fine job of it!  Sitting with him means watching the weather channel.  Yeah, you heard me right…the weather channel.  Of all the men in the world, I have to fall for the weather channel junkie.  Does he insist that I sit with him?  Nope…never.  In fact, he tells me to go sew and he’ll make dinner.  As I’ve said before…he’s a saint!  I’m guessing I can’t blame him.

Which really only leaves me with one choice.  Yikes!  Could it be me?  Myself?  Moi?  Could I be….LAZY??  Sad to say…probably so.  I’m given this gift of time…24 hours each day… and I’m handing it back asking “Can I get this in a larger size?”  There is no larger size…24 hours fits all.  So, like Cinderella’s evil stepsister, I’m going to try to put my foot in the glass slipper.  But unlike the evil stepsister, my foot’s gonna fit!

Think I’ll go pull some fabric for that Civil War Basket quilt that’s calling my name!

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23 thoughts on “Time waits for no man….

  1. Sounds all too familiar! ~ Lynda 😉

  2. You crack me up, Candy! I actually had to read your post out loud to Mr. W.

    I totally ‘get’ you…..although it’s cricket – not the weather channel – at our house….and when I sit in front of cricket (which is like watching paint dry), I feel like I’m getting ‘credit’ for togetherness time.

    • Yeah..I know. If you want me to sit with you at least put something interesting on the TV! God forbid we shut it off and actually converse! 🙂

      How’s the rugby team doing?

      • My team isn’t doing too crash hot but I still watch. Saturday…..I have 4 games to watch – 3:30, 5:35, 7:40 & 9:40. I’m obsessed, I know this. 🙂 Figure I need to get an embroidery project ready – and move my FMQ day to Sunday. Cleaning and cooking can wait….Rugby is on.

        • That’s me with baseball. (I’m assuming you’ll think that’s like watching paint dry. 🙂 ) Eight days til opening day!! I bring my hand embroidery out to do during the games. MiniQuilter’s flower basket quilt may be completed this season!

  3. I love your post. There are days when, like your hubby, I would rather sit watching the weather channel too!

  4. If I could just stop sleeping I could accomplish so much! by the time everyone’s in bed it’s almost 11 and the clock goes off at 5…sigh…I’ve resigned myself to furious sewing on the weekends…brings me down sometimes…but when I actually get something done it’s all worthwhile again!

  5. That IS a darling quilt! 🙂

    Thanks for your input on my scrappy quilts post – loved hearing from everyone.

  6. Love your post Candy! The comments too! Definitely can relate on all counts!

  7. When my husband comes home or is home…i have the same problem…can’t quilt. I don’t know why…he doesn’t ask anything of me or ask me to stop. What’s up with that??

  8. A fantastic post as it is just how I feel so often. I need more hours but alas it will never be.

  9. The Modern Home Economist on said:

    Wow – I thought I was the only one. All I see on blogs is people finishing a new and amazing quilt each week. Where do they find the time! I can barely finish knitting up a scarf let alone my intricate king-size log cabin quilt. Sounds like you have some legitimate excuses… Work, family, husband – perhaps you can sew while he watches TV – that is what I do so I don’t feel like we are living totally separate lives. Hats off to you for watching the weather channel, that sounds a bit painful!

    • Painful doesn’t even begin to describe it!
      I think I justh ave to do what I can when I have time and stop comparing myself to everyone else. Having said that, I know I can find more time if I look for it. I think it kinda boils down to feeling guilty taking “me” time. 😦

  10. crazymountainquilter on said:

    Finish? Slaps forehead…. Dang I knew I was missing something there. I am a great starter but I am finish impaired. Just call me sidetrack. Mostly what is going through my mind is…..basket challenge? What basket challange? How come I am not in the basket challange? Yet I do not have one single satisfactory block made in the correct fabrics for my Dear Jane quilt.

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